Someone Like You by lindalin

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Someone Like You


James Ingram


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lindalinLEVEL 15

Recording information by lindalin

Ok AL, you said I can do it my way, Lin's way.
...hehe here I am singing it my way. I hope someone like you will like the way I sing it.

Enjoy your listen my friends! ^J^ and kindly leave me your comments.

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Comment by Commons

Well be honest , This is the most beautiful duet that you ever done so far Since you started sing from SS .......Love it so much ~!!Absolutely Fantastic both of you ~~!!

lindalinLEVEL 15

Comment by lindalin

hehehe....commons really? thank u for your lovely honest opinion~~!! hugsssssss

manfredmanLEVEL 8

Comment by manfredman

wow, what a wonderful duet of you both

manfredmanLEVEL 8

Comment by manfredman

aldagreat1 sounds so awesome ,-)

why is he not here? didn't you tell him?

manfredmanLEVEL 8

Comment by manfredman

thanks for sharing this

lindalinLEVEL 15

Comment by lindalin

well ... you will have to ask him on my behalf mani ^J^

Thank you for being a good boy and visited this page instantly the moment I told u to...hahaha

sweetscorpionLEVEL 5

Comment by sweetscorpion

oh wow Ms Linda this is great
thank u for listening to my version of this duet with AL
ur voice is AWESOME I wish I had ur voice its so Beautiful really beautiful
thanks again =)


Comment by bluepepper14324

wow a duet with my good friend Sir Al!
u both did an awesome job on this my friends!
an ace!
claps! claps! claps! claps! claps! claps!

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how i wish i know this song too so i could do a duet with Sir Al's song...

lindalinLEVEL 15

Comment by lindalin

hahaha..... blue .... your Boss upstair was asking me where is aldagreat1...your Sir AL.

Your Sir AL always late in visiting our duet

sweetscorpion sis ....we have different voices. I think we are all sweet, you, bluepepper, neutrongirl and mags. hahaha or else The Big Boss mani and Sir AL will not have let us duet with them right?

My voice is more suitable for the classical way of singing, I suppose.

Thank u sis for the kind comments. love ya! muah <> ^J^

monkeymamaLEVEL 13

Comment by monkeymama

awesome duet, great song, beautiful singing, you two sound fantastic together, wtg ***** to both of you!

aldagreat1LEVEL 6

Comment by aldagreat1

thats was awsome singing Linda, glad to be doing duet with you... it is a very beautiful song and it will allways be on my fav list..

WTG Linda

lindalinLEVEL 15

Comment by lindalin

Sir AL... meet mani from upstairs

Thank u for your visit and comments. Likewise I love doing duet with you too. Hope to hear more of your tender romantic songs soon. ^J^

thank you monkeymama ty for your visit and comments. You are always so supportive! thank u sis!