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On And On


Stephen Bishop




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Goodness! It's been a while and I've missed being here.

TGIF is definitely apt, even if it's already Saturday.

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MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

OOooo lookie who's back! Hi Mr. Mittens!

Long week, my pet? Dreaming of Jamaica, Misery Bear? Please don't work too hard over there on that OTHER island if you don't have to. On and on the world and work goes, with or without overtime. Don't make me remind you that no one ever writes "I wish I'd spent more time at the office" on their tombstone.

Well, you sound very assured here. And relaxed. You sound like you've kicked off your shoes, had a glass of something smooth and cozied up to that mic. Makes us feel cozied up to too! A nice warm feeling. Brandy, you're a fine drink! Thank God it's Friend-day!

MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

Oh and by the way, are you really one of those people who smile when you feel like dying? I veer toward pout, myself.

Naturalwoman721LEVEL 41

Comment by Naturalwoman721GOLD

Ah.... Here listening.........

Naturalwoman721LEVEL 41

Comment by Naturalwoman721GOLD

Oh I haven't heard this in forever..
You sure did a really Fabulous performance here too Nan.. Sure is an enjoyable afternoon getting to sit here and listen to You sing..
I agree with MsTake.. a very smooth and mellow sing and sound to it.. Very enjoyable indeed!
More Gold stars just for You Hon..
Hugs, Debbi~

skyperessLEVEL 30

Comment by skyperess

Time flies like a supersonic rocket, thank you for keeping summer in your music, mdf, autumn inevitably coming , a beautiful song choice, it's been a pleasure to visit. Last breeze of summer, **************************** Saab.

FlickortreatLEVEL 47

Comment by FlickortreatGOLD

I see you've also lowered your vocal output somewhat the last while. Now I don't feel too terrible about my own hiatus. You've got the mellow nuances going on and on in a very fine manner here. I see the Saaber and the Pouter also agree with my reaction to this.....a sweet final summer breezy sing to match the weather of this week...even if sung three weeks ago. LOL. *****Chris