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Going home tomorrow from rehab on the 14th in time for my birthday on sun(19th) the BIG 60*lol*


my Cat Smudge made his appreance in my video*lol* he's not like a video cat like Trinket used to be*lol* I did this song in my OWN WAY*lol* thanks for Your kind comments and listens they are much appreciated


this is a Great Song*S* I've NEVER sung it before so be NICE*LOL* When I was reading the words while learning it, it reminded me of when I lived on the streets for 4 year when I lived in Arizona. You learn how to survive on the streets no matter what happens to You that goe's for the BAD things that happens to You. Here's abit of what I endured while living on the Streets and I was Kicked out of the house when I was 16. I don't share part of my life to others for CHARITY or PITY, I share from my heart and if whatever I share I pray that it will hit the hearts of others who read them, and if my Heart has done that then my Heart has done it's Job*S*

.I grew up in a Very VIOLENT dysfuntional homelife..physical abuse/alcohol abuse... as well as the first 18 yrs. of my life Sexual Abuse.."Incest/Rape/Sodomy, ,being RAPED so many times I lost count.
My Heart goes out to ALL who have been thru the sexual abuse/physical and emotional MUST STOP.(((( I DID NOT share this to have People feel sorry for Me or Charity))),I have shared part of myself to those who have BEEN thru this AWEFUL Abuse, or still going thru it.. Everything I have learned in My Life, I have Learned ON MY OWN..I AM A SURVIVOR.. there's a saying.. what doesn't kill us, MAKES US STRONGER..I believe that, cuz I would of been dead along time ago, and I have SURVIVED and You WILL TO*S* MUST STOP Also being forced to watch My Late Mom being strangled till She passed out and then tossed over our deck railing.. if We DONT STOP, it will NEVER END.((( I am ADDING this now that I also went thru, I wasn't sure if I should add it earlier, but I feel I MUST the age of 14 I ALMOST KILLED My Mom's 4th Husband by swinging at His Head with a Pool Stick.. I STOPPED within Inches of His Head...alot of You are probable thinking.. "WHY did You STOP?" I feel GOD Intervened, cuz I would of been Arrested for MURDER at the AGE of 14.. and Put away.. ALL the RAGE and ANGER I almost took it out by Busting His Head Open)))

But always remember: "There's a rainbow always after the rain".
~Author Unknown~

I Lived On The Streets For FOUR YEARS.

. I ran away from Home Twice with a Friend and we ended up in Vegas in Juvenile Detention. I was in for 3 days you had to go before a Judge and tell Him "WHY" You ran away from I Told Him and went into explicit detail Everything and ALL the Abuse that was going on... You know what He Said? He said "I'm Sorry but there's NOTHING I can do I HAVE to Send You Back Home cuz Your NOT of Legal Age*Back then Legal Age was 16* I as 14. so when the Judicial System let me down they put me on a GreyHound Bus and I was sent back to the Hell Hole I had Run Away From...

I was kicked out when I was 16,and from 16 up till I was 20 I LIVED on the Streets for 4 years. Sometimes with Friends,but mostly on the Streets. We Lived In Abandend Cars with the windows broken out,NO blankets huddled together or Alone during Winter. I would Huddle down on the baseboard of the backseat and curl up when it would snow outside.. NO blanket or NO means to stay warm...Sometimes I would huddle in the Park Bathroom and PRAY that NO ONE saw Me go in there..I was Sick Alot.. To wash up I would go to a gas station and lock the bathroom door and try to wash my hair in the sink and wash myself up as good as I could.... I would stay with others who were also Street people as We were called..We lived sometimes under the Bridges,in underground Street Tunnels,we have been Shot at before,and when we were really hungry we all went "Dumpster Diving" in the McDonald's Dumpsters at Midnight..and I know ALOT of You who read this will go " That's Gross,I would NEVER do that" You CANT SAY THAT..Trust Me, if You were in our shoes,You WOULD DO ANYTHING You could to EAT and Survive.. Everything I have Learned in My Life. I have LEARNED on MY OWN. You learned to sleep with One Eye open after being raped so many times,You can't count anymore..You DONT trust the Police anymore after they tell You "You Probably deserved it,since You live on the Streets" YES I had Two COPS tell Me that..
You LEARN FAST living on the Streets... I also hustled shooting pool to get money, and You LEARN how to SURVIVE. (I DO NOT share Pieces of My Life for CHARITY OR to feel SORRY FOR..I Share In Hopes that it Touches the Lives of Others,who have also lived on the Streets..and Who have SURVIVED..You are a SURVIVOR)... If ANYTHING I share touches the Lives or Heart of Others, then My Heart has done it's job*S*

Please IF You see Someone On the Streets..DON"T WALK AWAY...Stop and ask if You can help..sometimes Just a SMILE helps,but Don't WALK AWAY and act like Your so Much Better then SomeOne living on the Streets..cuz actually...."YOUR NOT!!!
They Have Feelings Too..

One of My ALL Time Favorite songs of SRV

Stephen "Stevie" Ray Vaughan (October 3, 1954 – August 27, 1990) was an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and record producer. Often referred to by his initials SRV, Vaughan is best known as a founding member and leader of Double Trouble. Together with drummer Chris Layton and bassist Tommy Shannon, they ignited the blues revival of the 1980s. With a career spanning seven years, Vaughan and Double Trouble consistently sold out concerts while their albums frequently went gold.

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas as the younger brother of Jimmie Vaughan,
He was killed in a helicopter crash piloted by Jeff Brown on the side of a ski hill at Alpine Valley Resort in East Troy, Wisconsin on Monday, August 27, 1990; Vaughan had just performed at the resort's amphitheatre with Double Trouble. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, where it was stated that all of the victims were killed immediately. Shortly after local news stations reported Vaughan's death, crowds gathered at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas for a candlelight vigil. He was buried on August 30, 1990 at the Laurel Land Cemetery in Dallas.


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