Golden Ring by Arienne

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Golden Ring


George Jones & Tammy Wynette




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Recording information by AriennePATRON +1

I had a heck of a time trying to get the timing to work on this song. I am sorry if I am too loud also but it's the best that I can do.
No video either because I don't have a camera for this here old computer. Just doing the best I can with what I've got.... ;o)

Mick, you sound just like George Jones! Thanks for singing this song for me. You're the best.

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Comment by jackalsonGOLD

The Way We Were....r/c8b50ca89

Fantastic job you two !!!

micksfeelingsLEVEL 12

Comment by micksfeelingsGOLD

Hello My good friend Arienne Yessssss ya nailed it . I don't know how difficult it was to try and sing with me but girl I love you for this ,,, you sounded great the louder you were ,,the better it helped cover up this old worn out voice lol ... I should have listened to the original before singing my part . hoping I didn't give you to much frustration I tried to keep in key ha ha But my friend I thought you sounded awesome excellent sing for you Give it up Folks She's Back the one that has given us so much wonderful entertainment the Amazing Arienne .... Thank you my good friend , sending hugs and smiles regards Mick.... micksfeelings

micksfeelingsLEVEL 12

Comment by micksfeelingsGOLD

Hi Again Arienne ,,,, maybe next time ?? hoping you have a video .. Oh Yeaaaaaaaa
Cause that is when the fun starts with that giggle . Laugh , and Growllllll .. many many thanks for taking me on this duet with you . looking forward to another
regards to you and Russ And things are looking up
regards .... great sing my friend , micksfeelings

TC_FieldsLEVEL 34

Comment by TC_FieldsGOLD

Formally Exit_StageLeft and Hello!

amazing!!!! you both can sing, instant classic

SlvrEagleLEVEL 17

Comment by SlvrEagle



Comment by RUSSBGOLD

I think that you BOTH sound Fantastic. This is a new song for me, as I am not much of a country music fan, But I always seem to love It when I Hear Arienne singing her part.


Comment by RUSSBGOLD

Nicely done Mick and Arienne. You just dont get better than this.


Comment by RD

Yeeee Haaaaah, Great Job Guys, Tammy Whynot & Da` POSSUM would be Proud, Loved it, RD

Lonesome_RoadsLEVEL 29

Comment by Lonesome_RoadsGOLD

Good morning Arienne!

Man, you sound so great this morning!

I love this duet song .. you and Mick sure nailed it too!

I miss seeing your crazy self though .. oh well I still got to hear that awesome voice of yours!

That-GuyLEVEL 72

Comment by That-GuyGOLD +1

The moons must be aligned in CT now! I've experienced a Russ siting the other day and now an Arienne siting too ... or maybe "hearing", since there's no video? Well, anyway, I'm only vaguely familiar with this song (you know me and kawntry), but I enjoy both you and your partner's singing! Excellent!

D-Lone-WolfLEVEL 8

Comment by D-Lone-WolfGOLD

Hiya Ari!..huggiesss!
Saw u in my other acct..thought I'dc pay u a visit.
Sorry about the song u opened though..I only used
it as a bed for another song I recorded over it.

D-Lone-WolfLEVEL 8

Comment by D-Lone-WolfGOLD I is and no better time to flag yah then now.
Listening in to this song u and Mick worked on.

D-Lone-WolfLEVEL 8

Comment by D-Lone-WolfGOLD

Man, u both did a wonderful job with ur song parts!
He does sound like George Jones..this is one really
impressive collaboration..U both sang beautiful!
Wishing u both a safe & pleasant Sunday.
********Golden Starz********

cladnar5LEVEL 81

Comment by cladnar5GOLD

No video cam for this old computer huh? Well, you used to have one. I won't ask any questions. lol I'll just leave answers. And my answer is, this is one great duet. You gots this good ole Country singin sound down just pat. And the partner you picked is one perfect fit with ya. Very very nice duet. Both of yaz. And I like the "whoop" at the end. lol

TC_FieldsLEVEL 34

Comment by TC_FieldsGOLD

Formally Exit_StageLeft and Hello!

what a treat! cant think of a better sing snap moment

ron61LEVEL 68

Comment by ron61GOLD +1

Mick, you have always sounded great singing with Ms. Entertainer herself !!

ron61LEVEL 68

Comment by ron61GOLD +1

Arienne, great to see ( fine, HEAR ) you singing again !!

Superb song you two ....... Hoooooo yourself there girl !!

ron61LEVEL 68

Comment by ron61GOLD +1

Now that was fun ...... you two sing Country in grand style !!


Comment by KrazyKaren

Arienne, you better sing your heart out after that big build up. lol

Ahhh... I knew you would. Mick and I both knew

He DOES sound like George.... wow!!

This is gorgeous.... the balance is good. You two sound great together. Perfect song choice for you.

Two gifted singers and gifting us with your presents ... or is that presence?

Loved this!!! ?

FirstKnightLEVEL 44

Comment by FirstKnightGOLD

A BIG OL' TEXAS YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWWW Arienne I just had to see how you would do this song! YOU MICK just hit a HOMERUN!!! Fantastic!