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Anything For You by Kinukaraoke

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Kinukaraoke 28



Anything For You


Gloria Estefan




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KinukaraokeLEVEL 28

Recording information by Kinukaraoke

I have to thank Aztecsamurai for prompting me to sing this song. I didn't know it at all, but thanks to YOUTUBE and a few listens I think I succeeded in learning it. What a sad but beautiful song this is.

Thank you Toshi for thinking that I could sing this song!


Comment by SPUTTER

Hi my friend! I love this song too and may try it sometime if I can get it low enough.

Thank you Toshi for the support to Lois cos she can and it sounds soooooo sweet!

Pretty melody,loving words and a beautiful soul singing it! Real NICE Lois!
Your high register is perfect for this!

Baby is Beautiful too!

Looks like the New year is being very kind to you! Take Care, xo, Frank

waynethepainLEVEL 11

Comment by waynethepain

wtg-= awesome -= love it -= god bless wayne==enjoy a lot.

RobinR1963LEVEL 1

Comment by RobinR1963

Beautifully Sung Lois...


Comment by aztecsamurai

Thanks Lois for singing this one.. I knew that your voice would match up perfectly with it... Beautifully done... Wow.. this is EXCELLENT!!!

Mr_AdaLEVEL 51

Comment by Mr_AdaGOLD

very lovely Lois. Enjoyed my listen.


KinukaraokeLEVEL 28

Comment by Kinukaraoke

Thank you Frank, Wayne, Robin, Toshi and Chris! I'm glad that you think my voice was a good match for this song!

SingfullLEVEL 6

Comment by Singfull

Enjoyed my listen to this beautiful song……sounded really wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with us. Many gleaming stars ******* coming your way……..come by and visit to hear my rendition of this song when you can…….Singfull….

melodie49LEVEL 9

Comment by melodie49

Wow what a lovely song...and you sing it so amazingly ...well done my special friend...

KinukaraokeLEVEL 28

Comment by Kinukaraoke

Thank you Singfull and Melodie!

wellfieldLEVEL 61

Comment by wellfieldPATRON

Yes'...this is very nice for you..very sweet....are you humming and singing gently to the baby yet!....Campbell

KinukaraokeLEVEL 28

Comment by Kinukaraoke

Hi Campbell, I haven't spent a long enough time with her to sing a lullaby to her yet but I intend to eventually. She's changing everyday and is sooo precious! Thank you!


Comment by mcharmant

Hi Lois...thank you for letting me discover this site but most of all thank you for remembering me would be nice to keep in touch...regards, Bruce

KinukaraokeLEVEL 28

Comment by Kinukaraoke

Hey Bruce, You joined SS! COOL! It's a great place...WELCOME!