I Will Always Love You by SoloSongstress

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I Will Always Love You


Whitney Houston




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SoloSongstressLEVEL 101

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My 45 second audition for The -S- Factor.

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Cinderella80LEVEL 61

Comment by Cinderella80GOLD

Love is on the wayyy.. I can see it in your eyes... lets give it one more try tonite, baby! lol

I love Whitney, you chose a big song, and those are some huge shoes you had to fill. Although I love this song, I am not sure I agree with the song choice, because this song builds and the 45 seconds allowed didn't allow much for a build. I like the tone in your voice, and your spirit for choosing a big song and not afraid to take risks. Its a yes from me!


Comment by Tetiana_170764

Love this one too. Need some more vocal lessons and... sorry no.

blue-nightingaleLEVEL 95

Comment by blue-nightingaleGOLD +4

I love Peacocks and buttered crumpets with hot chocolate <3

First of all let me pat you on the back for picking a notoriously vocally demanding song by the late great diva Whitney. I loved how you performed your 45 second audition piece. It's a big Yes from me Good luck

itsLEVEL 44

Comment by its

congrats! Here is you golden ticket. wear it with pride as your avatar.
Good luck in round 1

Sherman_WilkinsonLEVEL 48

Comment by Sherman_Wilkinson

Very well sung....Congratulations one gold ticket... sounding very good.

BrightIrishEyesLEVEL 84

Comment by BrightIrishEyes

GOOD LUCK ~ ((((((HUGS)))))) Kate

SharleenLEVEL 75

Comment by SharleenGOLD


YafaLEVEL 32

Comment by Yafa

congrats!! cya in round one.

idabbLEVEL 74

Comment by idabbGOLD

Listening... Nice job.... Hard song... Love it


Comment by Tetiana_170764

Thank you for your letter my dear friend! I glad to see that all is well. Just some thoughts from me as a professional musician - breath control you have is not good for this hard song to sing - if you will keep singing and really work on your great voice I think that you will be a star one day. Good luck to you!

elvisdudeLEVEL 70

Comment by elvisdudeGOLD

wonderful sing......