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Charlie Brown


The Coasters




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Rj729LEVEL 45

Comment by Rj729GOLD

Ahhh look at you three! I looked for a video when Phil went out and I guess y'all didn't do one. It's so great to see you all havin' some fun together! I got a big smile watching! Thanks for sharing with us!

Rj729LEVEL 45

Comment by Rj729GOLD

Yay! Loved it!


Comment by SPUTTER

What a night! I'm so enjoying you people!

Got me smiling here ear to ear!

Party on!!!!

PhilBabyLEVEL 22

Comment by PhilBabyGOLD

Great song choice! Listen to the Big guy hit those lows!

PhilBabyLEVEL 22

Comment by PhilBabyGOLD

Such fun here! I wanna come over!


Comment by fofunGOLD

What a group...NOTICE TO ALL,, THE WOOF PALACE IS THE PLACE TO GO WHEN IN FLORIDA I'm sure I speak for Sandy, we had a ***surperlitive superlive** good time while there. And Mrs Woof is adorable! n Saweeeeeeeet


Comment by fofunGOLD

I am here at Sandy's place..and I CAN"T FIND THE FRICK"N SUGAR...I NEED SUGAR FOR ....oh yea..she only had "INSTANT" coffee...Instant coffee and no sugar....she will find me passed out on the floor when she comes home from shock!!

walkingstickLEVEL 27

Comment by walkingstickGOLD



Comment by Sonsi

Tee hee hee

MarinerLEVEL 66

Comment by Mariner

Love it,and DANCIN' at Woofs palace

PlatinumFillyLEVEL 18

Comment by PlatinumFilly

Heya guys! I must have just missed this one before I came in chat....this is excellent! Love the cam, fun & singing...too cute! Woofie we are all gonna crash your place maybe you should sell tickets...;-D! We will be standing outside your door in line for a super party!Wonderful fun sweet hosts( friends) they are Mike.....I can see that! Loved this! Hugs K********************


Comment by SandysongbirdSNAP-STAR

I this is where he came to tell me off for the coffee fiasco, hehe. I guess I'm just glad I made it home with the sugar before he passed out from shock, hahaha.

Yes, the Woofies are fabulous hosts, and we did have a "superlative superlive good time"!!

curvylovelyladyLEVEL 1

Comment by curvylovelylady

This is so KEWL


Comment by fofunGOLD

LOL too much fun..I wanna go back!!

squirl8LEVEL 7

Comment by squirl8GOLD

Hey look there ya'll
I am starting to think everyone is going to Woofies house????
This is a lot fun to see everyone meeting and having so much fun. Excellent performance! Thanks:)))))))

Gman75LEVEL 44

Comment by Gman75GOLD

Always wondered where that smoke came from? Most excellent production fer sure! Woof, your a fantastic host! Sandy, Never saw you smilin so much! Mike, glad to hear in chat last night that you finally got a decent kiss! Everybody soundin great here!


Comment by fofunGOLD

LOL yep I was kissin and tellin

waltkoLEVEL 50

Comment by waltkoGOLD

Well I knew you all were good singers but I didn't know you were such great dancers lol, we should have all our parties at Mark's house