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The timing worked out perfect.
I'm taking a short pause for the cause
and this gave me a beautiful song to post.

Love Toto and I always have. They had the gift.
I posted this as an open duet a while ago and my
amazing friend Fridak left this here for me. I have
been lucky enough to meet so many talented
people on sing snap. She is a wonderful friend and
one of my favorites singers. Here is a link to her studio.

Thank you for this Christy. You really are an amazing vocalist
and my friend. Charlie
I would love to hear all of your comments. Thanks

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rodandsteph1117LEVEL 3

Comment by rodandsteph1117

Hi Charlie & Christy ~ This is quite a treat!!! Great to hear you singing again Charlie! Thank you for bringing this to us Christy!!! You both sound so amazzzzinnngggg together!!!

rodandsteph1117LEVEL 3

Comment by rodandsteph1117

Yessss....Toto definately had that something special uniqueness goin on!!! Love the song!

rodandsteph1117LEVEL 3

Comment by rodandsteph1117

Thank you for sharing this special gift of song today! Really great timinng! I needed a cheer me up! And you two did! Have a great day,mdf's! Hugs & Smiles ~ Stephi

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ArgentLEVEL 70

Comment by ArgentGOLD 1

Hi Charlie and Christy! Wonderful duet you two! Made my afternoon! Two Super singers mixed with one Super song! Doesn't get any better than this! Bravo!!!!!


Comment by FridaKGOLD

Charlie you make it easy!! Can't wait to do another with you.

--Allison--LEVEL 5

Comment by --Allison--

Hi Fridak, Charlie loves singing with you
He calls me out to the studio to listen to you and
when he says you are a very talented lady he
is telling it like it is. Five stars for you both. Allison

--Allison--LEVEL 5

Comment by --Allison--

Stand out vocals on this stand out song.


Comment by paidiaGOLD

very very cool both have incredible voices! you sound fab together..i really enjoyed this...stars and hugs
Kym xo


Comment by hnogirlGOLD

love the song, love the arrangement and both your voices!!!

I'm a Toto fan too, still have their cassette tape!


Comment by wiki143GOLD

woahhhhh bruddah ...u n sistah sounded spot on awesome!!!!

perfect dis is an amazing duet....wat a combo....wowwww dis is fantasticcccccc

mahalo fo sharin guys


SassyMama2LEVEL 22

Comment by SassyMama2

WOOOOOOOOO brings back my fav times in music:D:D:D WELL DONEEEEEEEEEEEE

willmakerLEVEL 41

Comment by willmakerGOLD

you are so flagged mf...this is your style and voice...such a cool smooth sing..i loved it all the way..bravo mf..very nice to meet you..bravo...


Comment by -TJ-

I love this song. Great job both of you! This is fantastic! You sound excellent together. Wow....I loved it.

kaimee130LEVEL 65

Comment by kaimee130GOLD

WOW this is terrific!!!! So glad I got the chance to hear this, you both had perfect delivery and blend so nicely together. Great job on this fine 80s song!

smoochyLEVEL 73

Comment by smoochyGOLD

great duet u 2 did on this ,, thanks for stopping by my page.


Comment by shazza65PATRON

Ok you 2 I missed hearing this duet and I love me some Toto too

Oh yeah this is awesome

loving this


Comment by shazza65PATRON

perfect harmonies as always Charlie

You both sounded wonderful together here

thanks for sharing
loved it
keep singing em

gigibellaLEVEL 85

Comment by gigibellaPATRON 2

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EXCELLENT DUET ON THIS!!!!!! : ) You are both fabulous!!!!!!

Hi Charlie!!!! (***********************)

gigibellaLEVEL 85

Comment by gigibellaPATRON 2

Applause Applause!!!!!! Really enjoyed this!


Comment by -TJ-

Had to come back for another listen. This is so fantastic. Love it!