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Lover (Acoustic)


Taylor Swift


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Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all who wished me happy birthday in this place or on the other, or both, you have been absolutely, wonderful, charming, sweet and adorable darlings and I am so thankful that you all participated in my dreamy birthday.
I can officially say now, that I have had the very birthday of my dreams. I have been dreaming of THIS KINDAWA BIRTHDAY OVER 6 YEARS... and here it is bloomed into a reality. Ah! I am very happy today and before I say more, please forgive us, that there's STILL NO VIDEO DUET of us together singing, only audio way weeks back. It will happen ,were just so busy. xD…. Time is limited! I just wanna thank V from the bottom of my heart for making it possible and my sister Mongo. Without her it wouldn't be possible either, or less possible, hehehee. The larks we all have, you'd love them.
So much fun. I always knew… That everyone I know will absolutely love V but no one seemed to believe me... But here that is too, blooming into an reality.
I feel rather intelligent right now to be honest.
Now, I'd like to say also that V is really the cutest, isn't she? But I know what she will say, if she comes by for a visit here. (She's far too busy for visiting right now, yep. She is. LOL!)
She would say I AM THE CUTEST. So alas, I humbly will say yes, I am the cutest but then she is cutest with me. I dunno if she accepts that but hey ho, then she is second in line cutest but she is just a baby! (My mother said so when she met her! XD) The list is huge…
Many a peoples think V is so young and she is.
Teheheee. Okay… I am officially now 39. Okay. Well. It is what it is and it has been a great day. I used to dream about this very day, this kindawa birthday over 6 years and I must admit that it is one of the best birthdays(thus far) that I have ever had. Merci V. Je 'tadore thee.
God Bless You All!
Thanks For Listening!


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