Love Me Like You Used To by RodKnee

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Love Me Like You Used To


Tanya Tucker


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RodKneeLEVEL 27

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All Acoustic & Unplugged...By request,
waiting for the finishing touches now..


The words come up a little ahead of the music.. but I know you "live singers" can get it..... I never did this song before, and I Hope you have as much fun as I did learning it today.
A Big "THANK YOU" to all of you wonderful Snappers who joined me. I sure did enjoy hearing you all having the fun of singing this live & unplugged acoustic style.

1. Mona >
2. Sharon >
3. Kat >
4. Wilma >
5. Sheryl >
6. Bonnie >
7. Linda >
8. Sandra >
9, Cin >
10. Kim >
11. Betty >
12. Marilyn >
13. Debra >
14. Val >
15. Dawn >
16. Mickey >
17. Acaidian >
18. Sharen >
19. Touchthesky >

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Comment by ChunkeeMonkeyGOLD

Hey! finally got here, dang traffic..whewwww


Comment by ChunkeeMonkeyGOLD

haha, my eyes r glued to your fingers, lol


Comment by ChunkeeMonkeyGOLD

those tricky turn around reverse chord progressions,, woohoo you got it!!! thank youuu!!


Comment by ChunkeeMonkeyGOLD

had to reboot, traffic jam again, lol~ thank you, gonna catch up on listens and then put a hat on my head& join you...been a longggggggggggg day~ hugs, mel

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Annie_MusicLEVEL 103

Comment by Annie_MusicSNAP-STAR +1

Hi Rodney, well that's a great request someone made, awesome song, maybe I'll give a try on it:) Sounding super as always, and I got my original recording to work now so you can hear it****************sounding super

Annie_MusicLEVEL 103

Comment by Annie_MusicSNAP-STAR +1

Hi Rodney, super playing and I gave it try with ya, and finally got to doing another duet with you msf:) thanks:) hugs anna have a great day:)

Starmusic3079LEVEL 102

Comment by Starmusic3079GOLD +4

This is terrific!Super Sing!! Wonderful performance!! I feel sufficiently entertained. Thank you very much!! Wow this is so good you aced it all the way I love it alot ***********Hugs and A smile YF Helen .. Loved this..God Bless and have A Good Weekend


Comment by aqtrcowgirlGOLD +1

Good Morning ...
Thanks for stopping by and Im loving this
I will try it ... Ive tried singing with the SS band a time or two when they asked me and never could get it to sound right
I will give this one a go and post it if I can get it right
Off to listen to ur friends link up there
Loved the guitar playing
Wish i could play like that .. my playing is about like my singing mediocre lol
Have a great day and thanks again for ur visit :))

the_weavsterLEVEL 35

Comment by the_weavster

very good job playin this
sounded fantastic!
all my stars

GeegalLEVEL 3

Comment by Geegal

What great playing and singing Rodney. So glad I stopped by for a listen. Decided to try and sing this old classic with you and want to thank you for the invite.