Here Without You by jimmybo61

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Here Without You


3 Doors Down




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Comment by _LiL_SuThErN_CoMfOrTGOLD +22 +3






Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD

Well there he is, he was hiding out for awhile and decided to
show that face...…
Sounding great, huh? I think so
The Heart Specialist told me my heart was racing while he
was listening …
Darn another pill, too many different pain pills, they
are watching me closely with...what jerks, thinks I'm going to
do something with pain meds...….lol
Well who needs pain pills when there is these kinds of voices on SingSnap.
Seems I'm always coming to SingSnap and can't pull myself away.

Sounding mighty fine as always, and it's about time you show your
You got brave, huh?

DrsWoodardLEVEL 105

Comment by DrsWoodardGOLD +7 +7

I WISH YOU LOVE / Cecilia Dale watchandlisten/play/bb9d967d5

A wonderful Sing And Song choice, a fantastic performance, Solid vocals!
Listening And Loving it!

Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD

HE did give me another pill to slow my heart down.
I didn't know it was racing, I wasn't feeling it...
That's strange couldn't feel it.
He doesn't want me to have any caffine….
cokes, coffee etc. anything, I mean anything with Caffine
I just bought bottles of the best tea and they don't want me
to have tea, coffee, cokes...I love soft drinks...I don't drink coffee often, but I do like the
bottled tea I buy..I am so much I just bought in and will have to give to someone, along with all the other soft drinks....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
That doesn't give me much to drink other than sprite, ginger ale yuck. 7 up etc.
I love Root Beer so not sure if it has caffine...will have to find out...I'd rather have the root beer that I buy than most....
Oh well, can't have any fun in
I have to go back in 6 weeks, I think he said...can't remember, neice was with me
so she'll know.
I still can't belive I have anything wrong with my heart...I don't want to have...
My son wants t come home from where he is in Florida to be close to me.
He sounded like he was crying when he said he was going to try to find an Assistant Living Apt here in town or new to be close …..
He said he will have to stay with me for a couple months before getting the apt.
I don't want him to see me right now, I'm not the same mom
I have lost down to 111 lbs...was 140 lbs....and other things have changed...he always thought I always looked young but he will be shocked when he sees me now...
I can't believe he wants to move from Florida now when he couldn't wait to leave to
live in Florida.....he loves Florida.
He hates the cold weather here and the weather makes him hurt.
Oh well he is telling me some of my things will have to be stored in garage so he can put his bed etc. here....I'm in a condo and wondering how this is going to work.
Here I go, worrying once again.
I haven't seen him in over 3 years.....he's not well and has to take dialysis, three times a week and I saw my husband go through this until the's beginning to scare me wit my son now.
Oh well, got enough to worry about, I just have to "let go" and not worry

Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD

Good to see you on Cam...thought you were never going to get on cam
You finally made it

chesterteddyLEVEL 28

Comment by chesterteddy

I won't quote you Bev because it's too long, but in response, let your son come, embrace him with open arms! You both need this right now, everything with the living arrangements will work out just fine. Keep your head on straight about what you want, this is still your life and you have control of that. I know you love your son so much; let him in, let go the worries, let your love for each other flow. ....the biggest hug to you.

chesterteddyLEVEL 28

Comment by chesterteddy

Tonight, only you and me. I love that Jimmy. You capture me with your emotion. So deep, so true. Oh my, the song of loving, lovers, and this night.

Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD

Karen I will always welcome my son, just
really don't want him to see me in my shape
right now.
He will see how much weight I've lost and
he always told me I never looked my age.
Well that's changed, I look terrible now that
I've been not feeling too well due to the
racing heart.
We do need each other and he already has plans to move
into his apartment when opened..
He's a go getter and he's wanting to "teach" me
He tells
He knows I'm shy etc.....

Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD

Listening again tonight

Ladycutup1LEVEL 70

Comment by Ladycutup1GOLD