You Sang To Me by JoysLaurlai

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You Sang To Me


Marc Anthony




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Better to be of humble spirit with the lowly, than divide the spoil with the proud. Prov.,16:18

Part 4 of the Challenge,,, on The Journey Into The Human Spirit

I chose this song because its about love, i believe one of the strongest emotions in our DNA

Love is the emotions of human spirit that we as humans need I think most of all to survive. whether from your mate, parents grandparents, children or grand children or a friend, we all need love to feel fulfilled. So many are without love, some never ever have experienced love, some deny it and choose to live without it. Others have been denied love. And many have known love many times over. Some find it it lasts forever, sometime love hurts, It is a human emotion we all need whether we want it or accept it or not, or loose it. I do still believe in love, it can knock you down, bring us up and thrill our mind spirit and soul. It can also rip apart a heart and cause grief so deep you'll think you are drowning,,, so then maybe you don't experience that ever again and maybe never feel love again or want to... so you refuse it... I have been lucky in, and lucky to have been loved.
A difficult emotion , hard to live with sometimes, and worse to live without. But in my opinion we all need it. at the very least, to have God, as I believe, God is LOVE, one who wont deny us if we accept His Love,,,, wishing you all love , peace and happiness to the world...
Tell the ones you love, that you love them, life can change in the blink of an eye,,, tell them,,,

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