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Kahit Isang Saglit


Martin Nievera




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I am just now learning this Philippine love song...
I find it beautiful and yet a tough one to sing.

I have added my own translation. My only wish is that
I did justice to the poetic beauty of the original song lyrics.

Even Just For A Second _ ( Kahit Isang Saglit )

How will my heart be ?
Now that you have left my life
Just when the sun was in full bloom and my world was full of joy
How will my future be ?
Now that you are no longer with me
How will our dreams and promises be ?
I wish I can lay my eyes on you again
Feel your heart beat
I wish you can embrace me again
even just for a moment
even just for a second
Embrace you
My heart suddenly an orphan
when you abandoned it
I wish we can lay eyes again
I wish I can feel your heart beat
I wish we can embrace again
even just for a moment
even just for a second
Embrace you !
Embrace you ...

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MzCookie1LEVEL 59

Comment by MzCookie1GOLD

Evening Rod,

This is a new song for me... (no surprise)

What a haunting melody......

I'm swaying in my chair and so loving this....

What an amazing musical choice you’ve made ….

Another hit for your Singsnap collection...

As always, I so loved my listen and now I’m off to hit your LIB…


Comment by Jennifer72GOLD

Very nice...Sung with lots of feeling

MzCookie1LEVEL 59

Comment by MzCookie1GOLD

Rod, this really is beautiful....

Such a sad song and yet beautiful....

I'm swaying in my chair.... And apparently repeating myself...

But it's true....

I absolutely loved my listen, my friend, and would hit your LIB again if I could...

Standing ovation performance for sure!!!!