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Que Sera


José Feliciano




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Que Sera
in Spanish
Che sarà (Italian: [ke sa?ra]; English: "What will (it) be") is an Italian song, written by Jimmy Fontana (music) and Franco Migliacci (lyrics) for the 1971 Sanremo Music Festival. Up until that year, each song was interpreted by two artists or performers to showcase the songwriters' craft rather than the singers' interpretations.

Che sarà was sung by José Feliciano and the Ricchi e Poveri group and came second to Il Cuore E' Uno Zingaro. RCA's Italian producers saw the song and the festival as a way to bring José Feliciano, already an international star, to Italy, as he already knew Jimmy Fontana. Although Ricchi e Poveri was a new, young group, it was chosen to sing the second version after Gianni Morandi, a well known Italian singer and RCA artist, had declined to sing the song. Jimmy Fontana, reportedly, was disappointed by RCA's decision and withdrew from the music business for many years.

What will be, it will be

My town is located on the hill
lying down like an old (man) dying
(Oh my village set on the hill, lying down like an old, sleeping man)
the sorrow and loneliness keep him company
my town I leave you unhappyly -

What will be?, what will be, what will be
what will happen in my life , what will be
If I know too much or I don't know anything
tomorrow I'll know and it will be
whatever will be , it will be

My friends are already gone
and others will go away after me.
I feel sorry because I loved his kind company
more than my life , but I have to go .

What will be?, what will be, what will be
what will happen in my life , what will be
in the nights my guitar will play sweetly
and a child of my town will cry -

Love , Love I take your smile
it was the fountain of my first love
My love, I promise, how and when ? I don't know
but I only know that I'll (be back) return -

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