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Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful, great dads! God forever bless you and us all. <3 :)


That's how life is oft times. It can all come at us at once or in spurts. But not too many are spared complications from time to time!

But despite that all, STILL, life is precious and beautiful, be it in small or large form. All of Gods creations, isn't that simply amazing how the tiniest thing or largest are different in color variations and some so vibrant to behold?

How you and I are unique and different and given a mind and a heart all our own?
That's so incredible, life and this planet always never ceases to amaze me, and even throughout life, we learn something or see something new from time to time.

"Happy Blessed Easter" in advance to all!
Our Creator and Savior is so AMAZING!!!

Every day I awaken, I am BLESSED!
By God, by life, by family and by each of you I know!

Thank you for all you have shared with me over time and all the kindness and support and friendship and care over time, it is not taken for granted.

This also done on a cuff for the time frame I felt able to, and my heart having felt like trying to sing today. I plan to even if I may be trudging at a turtle's pace, make it by for some catch ups that is long over due. LIFE can be so COMPLICATED sometimes, yes, but it will NEVER get in the way of HOW my heart truly feels nor stop me from EVER loving you! hehe!

Just KEEP spreading seeds of love like wildfire, as this world is in dire need of it even more now then ever!

See you soon, and God bless us all.
Loving hugs always across the miles.


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