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No Problem-David R. Henry




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A Journey by the Genre Train Round 4

How's life treating you? Are you bogged down with troubles? We ALL go through that. Sometimes, all you need is a good night's rest and the next day makes things so much better. Tomorrow brings a brand new day.

I was asked by my former band leader to write a song that helps people forget about their troubles and have hope for the future. It was suppsoed to be inspriational and uplifitng. I think I achieved that with No Problem.

I really love this song. I originally wrote it as an upbeat bluesy tune but then we came up with the idea of a more jazzy, lounge style type of version. It's more of a laid-back, sing-by-the-ocean, style. It's supposed to be picked but my picking is not good enough to record so I did this strummed version instead.

I apologize for the poor guitar quality. I only have a cheap Yamaha and a very cheap pick-up that is run through a Pioneer Karaoke machine. It's all I have right now. I wish I had fancier equipment. I'm not good at sound engineering either so this is the best I could do. At least the vocals sound good.

I have been blessed to have a celebrity student on my roster. Her name is CoCo Lin Miaoke. If you remember the 2008 Beijing Olympics, you will recall a cute little girl in a red dress who got on stage to sing the Chinese national anthem. Well, THAT little girl would become my English student. She is a professional actress, model and singer in Mainland China and quite famous there. She let me sing this for her and told me it was very good and that it made her feel peaceful and relaxed. How's that for an endorsement? LOL

So, I would like to know what YOU think of my song. How does it make you feel? Is it good enough to sell to a publisher? I have a couple of local pros who are interested in recording it. I would REALLY like to get this one published or picked up by a professional.

Thanks for your time and kind words.

Here are the lyrics:
Well, you say that you're feeling down and kinda blue.
'Cause you've got too many troubles follow you.
Don't let the darkness in.
If you do, you'll never win.
Just remember to always sing this happy tune.

No problem! It'll be alright.
No problem! Just make it through the night.
Tomorrow's gonna be a brand new day for you.

When you feel like the waves of life have knocked you down,
And like a hurricane, you're spinning all around,
Don't give up the fight.
Just grab the reins and hold on tight.
Soon a better day for you will come around.


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