Before He Cheats by keepsmiling

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Before He Cheats


Carrie Underwood




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The Last Team Standing - ROUND 2
Circle of Life - Cook-Chantant
Before He Cheats - Keepsmiling
Knocking on Heavens Door - scottisme
Old MacDonald Had a Farm - meemers
Hard to Handle - Curtio
The Way You Make Me Feel - caz_25
Unchained Melody - Cathy
Hallelujah - cmc38

Good Grief Scott!!! This one was a major challenge!!!
I tried and tried to get this right....and just about strained my voice to non existance! This is the best I could do!

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lisaluvsky64LEVEL 59

Comment by lisaluvsky64GOLD +1


Comment by CAT_ULKGOLD

Well this song.....sending Ohio ********************your way.....Good Luck


Comment by MeemersGOLD

Stop trying to play the victim in circumstances YOU created.

Awesome Yuppers thats a tough song
but U aced it

Goooo Team Scott!!

stargirlLEVEL 37

Comment by stargirlGOLD

i love this song

you done awsome!! loved it x

curtioLEVEL 23

Comment by curtio

That was drop dead awesome my friend!!!! WOW you really got this perfect!! Very strong performance here!! Curt

__Cat__LEVEL 42

Comment by __Cat__GOLD

I love this song!!!! I hope you're not really thinking of doing this!!!! We need you on the team and not sittin' in jail! LOL

Great sing!

Go Team!!!

iratoolmanLEVEL 46

Comment by iratoolmanGOLD

Scott's lucky to have you on his team great job bravo

GirlyBLEVEL 87

Comment by GirlyBGOLD +11

Girlfriend!! You are singing this with attitude! Whoo!

Awesome sing!

Now stop that!! You're not on my team!

How did you, Curtio, Meemers, and cmc38 all end up on the same team? No fair. Team Conquerdia is gonna have to step it up!

Good luck!!


Can I help you key that car, or slash his tires?

seestorLEVEL 3

Comment by seestor

WOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! TJ does Carrie Underwood...boy, they gave you a nice hard one to sing didn't they....YOU DID GREAT!! This was TERRRRRRRRRRRIFFFFFFFFFFICCCCCCCCC..
5***** Hugs, Mary


Comment by -Anja-

Cook-ChantantLEVEL 22

Comment by Cook-Chantant

Tj you can sing anything and this here shows it!! Listen to that voice.....WOWEEE!!
WTG !!

LaNellLEVEL 33

Comment by LaNellGOLD

I know how you feel, girl! I had to sing Cowboy Cassanova, for another contest last week! Eeeek!!! That girl is waaaay out of my range! lol

You...on the other hand, made this one sound easy!!! Well done!!! Best of luck in this round!! :))

caz_25LEVEL 2

Comment by caz_25

awesome sing wowzer

wildcrafterbLEVEL 43

Comment by wildcrafterbGOLD

I must say....your practicing....has made this perfect........

Carrie doesn't sing it any better....

Way to make it yours girl...
Bravo::;o) Beth

Mand1976LEVEL 6

Comment by Mand1976

oh wow this song was made u for

this was brilliant u sound wonderful on this

good luck x

scottismeLEVEL 49

Comment by scottismeGOLD

The best you can do, will always be more than enough TJ!
Just the right amount of attitude. And man did you belt it out!
Yeah, yeah yeah!!!
Knew this was perfect for you, and that was brilliant!

KaraokemonyLEVEL 14

Comment by KaraokemonyGOLD

Holy Moly.....this is super duper fantastic right here!!! WOW!! VERY NICE!!! Really enjoyed that one!! Mony : )

Heather_richsongLEVEL 1

Comment by Heather_richsong

Great JOB!

You sang this song and OWNED it!

Best of luck to you my friend!

serenity3081LEVEL 29

Comment by serenity3081

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Wow!!! Sorry you strained your voice, but this is perfect!!!

stargirlLEVEL 37

Comment by stargirlGOLD

love this song!

you sing it perfect!!!! awsome job!!