Jump Jive And Wail by -Eeyore-

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-Eeyore- 111


Jump Jive And Wail


The Brian Setzer Orchestra




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I just love this song. It has a bit of the Stray Cats in there (hmm...maybe because it's Brian Setzer...haha...), big band, etc. I think it appeals to people across a broad range of genres. I have always had fun listening to the Stray Cats, and to the Brian Setzer Orchestra. No matter which one I listen to, I am always taken back to when I was in about 4th or 5th grade, MTV was a big thing (and it still played videos all the time). I would watch with my friend from the house behind ours, or with my siblings, and we loved any Stray Cats videos that came on. Ghostbusters got big and "Rock This Town" became a hit. I don't know. I'm not doing a good job describing things, but it was all just a fun time when I listened to the Stray Cats. It was easy to forget my problems, if even for just a few minutes. I could sing like no one was listening, and dance like no one was watching, but they didn't care because they liked it too. Whether it's the Stray Cats, or Brian Setzer, the music just takes me back to that time.

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