Teach Me Tiger by sisterraindrop

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Teach Me Tiger


April Stevens




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sisterraindropLEVEL 94

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Will You Be My Valentine - Round 2


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zardozzLEVEL 69

Comment by zardozzGOLD

Everybody wants this guy! Is it the muscles, bald head, or? Hmmm! Great and sensual song and sing! Great job!

kentasticLEVEL 58

Comment by kentasticGOLD

this is new to me
very smexy
great job

rosearose8LEVEL 94

Comment by rosearose8GOLD

Well,,,,,now Sissy
He's...a Gonna beg for you to teach him somes
sexy sing here....he will be a PURRIN
sounded awesomes
loved my listen,my sweet friend

stlcardinalfanLEVEL 72

Comment by stlcardinalfan

I think with that performance you nailed you some Diesel!! Great job!! Dale

Living4todayLEVEL 83

Comment by Living4todayGOLD

Hello there Sissy
You sure made him feel your rooooooooooaarrrrrrr with this one .. New song for me but I love it ... Gonna have to learn this one .. GL Hugs, Kim

tigers12LEVEL 94

Comment by tigers12GOLD

a beautiful sing well done sweet xxxx

dreamers_heartLEVEL 54

Comment by dreamers_heartGOLD

New song for me, thanks for the stellar intro too it!!! Sweetly rendered!!! Good Luck and God Bless!!!

XXsmurfetteXXLEVEL 100

Comment by XXsmurfetteXXGOLD


Woot sing it girl he's gonna love this

Loved my listen hugs Karan xxx

Teacup10LEVEL 77

Comment by Teacup10PATRON

How could VD resist this? I think he'd cave. Great job. I loved the listen.

a_bella_angelLEVEL 61

Comment by a_bella_angelGOLD

i have always wanted to learn this song
great choice!
lovely rendition

erombladLEVEL 39

Comment by erombladGOLD

Very sexy singing, Sissy! Really loved my listen! Eric

MidasmanLEVEL 98

Comment by MidasmanGOLD

Hello Sissy, I think there's a lot you would want to teach Vince lol Nice, soft and smooth sing here! How can he resist this Awesome performance! He is probably on a plane to Germany after hearing this one for sure! Loved my listen and Wishing you good luck my dear friend! .. Mark

banjobill1974LEVEL 63

Comment by banjobill1974GOLD

here listening

banjobill1974LEVEL 63

Comment by banjobill1974GOLD

I will show you, loll great song, I love it