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Will take upset TITANS over CHIEFS & NINERS over PACKERS*lol* that would be a cool SB match up

Since I had Surgery Yesterday I wanted to do a Video to let everyone know I'm doing Ok*S* Thanks for keeping me in Your Thoughts and Prayers. I'll be ok just now need time to Heal*S* I'll have to hunt and peck with one hand and Copy and Paste my Comments I'm sorry I'll have to do that. Now You can call me "BOOGIEBEAR ONE PAW*LOL*

here's alittle about me*S* if You didn't know... other wise there would be ALOT of empty space on my song page*lol*

I"ve been a Singer/Songwriter/Musician most of My Life, I play 4 instruments. Started Piano at the age of 3,then went to Guitar, taught myself Drums and harmonica. I"ve played in many bands, and enjoy making people happy with my Gift of Music*S* I"m a Cook by trade, write Poetry and very quiet at times. I played Sports all my Life through out School growing up. I'm Now disabled and have to walk with a Cane.. I have had BOTH My Knee's totally replaced and all together I've had 10 surgeries on both knees since 2007. That's what happens when You play sports ALL Your life*lol* I got the chance to not only meet and get their autograph, but I met 2 of the members of Rascal Flatts plus their music Producer and They got to hear me sing, and I blew Them away with my "Michael Bolten's Verson of Georgia on My Mind".

on my 18th birthday many yrs ago, I experienced a "Clinical Near Death Exp" where I was actually DEAD for 9 minutes, and saw everything and heard everything while I was Dead, up in the Corner of the Room.. and came back to Life to share my Exp...… I'm also able to help The Living say goodbye to thier Loved One's who have past on, and give Messege's if They need to Hear Them.. I am more of a "Sensitive and Empath" I have been blessed that I can See/Hear and Speak To those who have Died...for I am a "Messenger" for the Living...
if You'd Like to read my story about my "Clinical Near Death Exp" you can click this song I shared it on my song page

I'm also a DALLAS COWBOYS Fan, I have been since I was little. My Father*I DONT call him that anymore* took me 58 years to sever all ties with a man who never wanted me in the first place. This is my Song for Him


He was born in Toronto and I'm half Canuuk*lol* before I was born He Played for the TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS back in 55-56. I'm Also a LA DODGER'S Fan.. and I'm a LA LAKERS Fan too*S*


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