What A Wonderful World by Tuiqqu

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What A Wonderful World


K.D. Lang & Tony Bennett


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Remember:KellyAnne!Oh Vanessa...Only An Earth Angel. Can do that! <3 /RememberJoe

Hi Dearest Maylyn. It is ur turn today. I am little tired, thanx to very exciting day yesterday. You just happened to crown it with your magnificient, unconditionally loving attitude and being so happy for two freshly made friends. To be perfectly honest with you my dearest Maylyn, you really touched my heart with all that sweetness yesterday night, not just what u did to me but V as well. I haven't slept very well just 3 hours but I swear I gave it a good go. Anyhow. The truth is you have seen me from one storm to another, one life problem to the next and I have ofc tried to be as good friend as possible right back atcha but there's always been this one thing… That u always done for me. You believe in me. You see inside my heart and you see alot's of value and potential. At times, it felt like you were the only one polishing that light, when it just was so dimmed, if not slowly sinking into the " Darkside." Bitterness and all. You just kept feeding me with your beautiful musing and true words from your eternally beautiful and sincere heart.
You been the light post in the darkness, so many a times to me and at times you just seem to sense, that kiddo needs you and pop by. I dunno, for all I know is, no one writes like you and no one says stuff like u, not even I. Your so special and I know, I am too but still Lemme finnish Hehehehe. For example this Poem in the bg that is RE-POST nothing new im afraid. With 3hours, Oh Good God I can't make a poem in this state
Or mayb I could some short one but a meter long like that, Noh, oh no! Hehehe.
In my opinion u can make so much more beautiful poems but it's ok I know u would say, everyone's unique and mines just as beautiful as it is done my way. There? See I know u so well. Hehehehe. All I hope to achieve with this gift, is to lit your face with a gorgeous smile and if I have made you feel even 50% of special and cared for, like u made me feel last night ( I assume also V but I can't speak for that little darling, for she can speak, very well for herself. Hihihihi no words put to V's mouth! So it's just assumption. Only.) U made me feel so much loved in unconditional way, it did something to my heart Maylyn. My heart feels like there's a biiig balloon and I need to burst it but the needle is nowhere to be found. Mayb it's in a hay stack And that means, WERE NOT GONNA EVER FIND IT HAHAH! I feel somehow " Heavy balloon in my heart, that needs to burst" That it do me good and I dunno what it means. I assume it isn't anything bad as im so jolly and good regarldess the poor sleep. I just wanted to share that with u too. I still thank you for being so kind to not just me but towards loverly Vanessa. You are one of the peoples who appreciated " Long book reports like I write too. " You used to do them too and so much more better… There it is again your better. Whilst I know what you would say! That im fine my way but no harm ment. I appreciate you and it's good to appreciate, isn't it dear? So I just simply had to join you with this wonderful song, for you indeed make this world far more wonderful place, than it could ever be without your loving example and grace. Thank you for your friendship, it means the world to me and what a wonderful world it is.
With respect:


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