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Bright Eyes


Art Garfunkel




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"Bright Eyes" is a song written by Mike Batt, and performed by Art Garfunkel. It was used in the soundtrack of the 1978 British animated adventure drama film Watership Down and as such is considered the theme song of the film and the later television series adaptations. The track appears on UK and European versions of Garfunkel's 1979 Fate for Breakfast and on the US versions of his 1981 album Scissors Cut. It was the biggest selling single of 1979 in the UK.
Written by Mike Batt for Watership Down at the request of director Martin Rosen, the song relates to the transition into death highlighted by the close shave of Hazel, a rabbit character in the film, when he is shot by a farmer, and then, years later, when Hazel (then Hazel-rah) finally departs his body and enters the world of spirit.
The song was immensely successful in the United Kingdom, staying at number one in the British charts for six weeks in 1979, selling over one million copies, becoming the biggest selling single of that year in the UK. " -Wikipedia

The poem I quoted from at the start was "INTIMATIONS OF IMMORTALITY" by William Wordsworth.

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BriboyLEVEL 3

Comment by BriboyGOLD

Beautiful sing and song Jay,,always liked this song,,Bri


Comment by mytunz4uGOLD

A lovely Garfunkel song. This rendition of yours is enrapturatingly captivating Jay. I had a great listen here tonight.
Starzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz********** for ya.

lumbeecoolLEVEL 47

Comment by lumbeecool

beautiful sing Jay.. and loved the poem.. u have a tenderness to those vocals of yours :0)

Mimiloves5LEVEL 103

Comment by Mimiloves5GOLD +3

Very very pretty Jay... thank you for your kind words for Ty.



CajunQueenBeeLEVEL 96

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL THEM STARS FOR YA!!!!!!!! BIG HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SO ROCK!!!!!!!!!