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Happy New Year to one and all. "slainte mhath" ( "Scots Gaelic ,meaning good health " )

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Comment by peggyjoyGOLD 1

Thank you, too, Jimmy! It's been OUR pleasure to have you here on SingSnap this year! Your songs are always a treat!

Glad you will have a happy and quiet New Year's celebration. We'll be with family, too. Have a great time, and I'll see you in a few days!!!

MaryMacLEVEL 77

Comment by MaryMacGOLD

Some say Nothing is Impossible.....I do Nothing all day....Pooh Bear

Jimmy...Hope the New year brings you many good songs to sing....and many new horizons to look towards....xoxoxox It's been a Joy to come listen to you do your little talk to us....YOU have a great time with the kids and enjoy the start of the New Year....~~
Always a real treat to find songs at your always give it to us from your heart....Love ya and Happy New Year~~~ xoxoxox Mair

amarieLEVEL 72

Comment by amarieGOLD

Been awhile since I've sung here, but here goes.

We love you, mate!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!


CyannsingsLEVEL 15

Comment by Cyannsings

We, your Sing Snap Family, loves you and asks that you please TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF AND HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR'S CELEBRATION with your family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Never heard you grumpy!)
Good Ol' Singing Cy in the USA


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD 5

"slainte mhath"


Comment by Tove_SophiaGOLD 5

and that was just wonderful that you could speak to us before you had to leave... and I sure hope that you will enjoy your family hollidays.. and promise me to have a smile on your face and us snappers in your heart when you enter the new year with a glass raised in the air.... I will do that too ;O)
I can only say thanks to you too Jimmy.. you make us feel welcome no matter when we enter your page... and you are a wonderful friend to have ... Thank you for everything ... for the music and comments and uplifting words.... and for your friendship.... sending you hugs,love and smiles... and we will see you when you get back... your friend always.. Tove xoxoxoxo

"slainte mhath"

mbethLEVEL 43

Comment by mbethGOLD

Love you and Happy New Year my Dear Dear sweet friend...Enjoy those children...hurry home....bethxoxox lots of hugs and smoochies...

blue_eyed_babeLEVEL 19

Comment by blue_eyed_babe

Hope you have a wonderful time with your family Jimmy.
A very HAppy New Year to you and yours..
I will be working so not much drinking for me, will toast the new year in with a wee dram before I go to bed.....All the best ~winnie~


Comment by Wanderer2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you Jimmy and "slainte mhath" for 2011!!

Best always,