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This song makes me get up and dance. Makes me smile. Several years ago whilst awaiting the arrival of my Spanish professor to class (I was usually early to class and sat in the front row, of course), my professor be-bopped into the classroom singing this song, exclaiming how she just loved it - so upbeat and cheerful. She was a great lady, shared so much with her students. I decided to email her the video so she could give it a play whenever she needed a pick-me-up.

Given the right circumstances, college professors (and other instructors) can really enrich the lives of their students. This lovely lady was one of them. This song will forever remind me of all the fun we had in our Spanish classes, and what a fabulous lady we were blessed to have teaching us.


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Goodwolfe21LEVEL 22

Comment by Goodwolfe21

Wow, so upbeat and amazing! Great sing! you brought a lot of your own energy and style to this feel good hit! Bravo!

jc4uLEVEL 103

Comment by jc4uPATRON

"Pray without Ceasing" "The Blessing" r/cdaf7265f Prayers!

Hi, Lorrie, Loved your remarks. . what a great song this is. . . very hard to sit still . . . feeling happy already. .
Beautiful sing and slide show - loved this whole package!
Blessings, Joyce

byStangzLEVEL 74

Comment by byStangzGOLD

Guitar Man: Bread

Hey Lorrie
I remember this one

loving this

sounding great

hope you have great day :

ChezzabLEVEL 51

Comment by ChezzabGOLD

This song does want to make you DANCE.
LOVED your story related to this song.
Teachers do make a mark on your LIFE.
I so have enjoyed this HAPPY DANCING PERFORMANCE by you. DANCING RIGHT ALONG with you.
LOVED the video also.

Mark49LEVEL 70

Comment by Mark49GOLD

You go girl.
This seems like a very HAPPY song.
You sure sound happy.
Very cool and you sure can dance to it.
Much Enjoyed

MillenniaLEVEL 97

Comment by MillenniaPATRON

Please give my grand daughter popstarnicole123 a listen. She is new to sing snap. Thanks .<3

Hiya Lorrie love this one lass wooohooo!!! you go girl! Hit the button! God bless n stay safe

Michael57LEVEL 85

Comment by Michael57GOLD

Great job on this happy upbeat track!


Comment by APHGOLD

sicireLEVEL 76

Comment by sicireGOLD +1

very cool and upbeat...happiness all the way through!

JohnnySilvaLEVEL 80

Comment by JohnnySilvaGOLD

Sure singing a happy song love this upbeat vocals sounding amazing
awesome sing superbly performed excellent rendition

lazarus57LEVEL 67

Comment by lazarus57GOLD

Hello Lorrie another fantastic choice and cover. A super vocal performance with a smooth delivery. I enjoyed my listen.

-Bev-LEVEL 106

Comment by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +2

I got a nasty bout of Shingles which are very painful and feel unwell!! :(

Dave1970LEVEL 66

Comment by Dave1970GOLD

Hey there. Safe to say this might be one of the most recognized songs worldwide. A spot on, enjoyable rendition.

diditomicLEVEL 102

Comment by diditomicGOLD

What a lovely memory you have and super sing to go along with it......much enjoyed your rendition


Comment by LilyczekGOLD

Beautiful performance, Lorrie!!!! You are a ray of sunshine!!!
Now I feel so happy and smiling this morning!!! Thank you for sharing!!

((((((( HUGS )))))))

professorLEVEL 62

Comment by professorGOLD

Loved this Lorrie! Nice job! Headed for the heart.