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I'm Sorry For You My Friend


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Recording information by Gary_AGOLD

This is a photo I took at Departure Bay in Nanaimo., B.C.

This is my rendition (3 guitar tracks and a voice track) of a song that was written by Hank Williams and performed by Moe Bandy, an American country music singer. He was most popular during the 1970s, when he had several hit songs.

Marion Bandy was born and grew up in Meridian, Mississippi, hometown of the country singer Jimmie Rodgers. He was nicknamed Moe by his father when he was a child. The Bandy family moved to San Antonio, Texas when Moe was six. His mother played piano and sang. Bandy was taught to play the guitar by his father who had a country band called the Mission City Playboys, but made little use of the ability until he was in his teens. His father's wish that Moe also play the fiddle never materialized. He made some appearances with the Mission City Playboys but generally during his high school years he showed little interest in music and a great deal of interest in rodeos. He tried bronco-busting and bull riding and by the time he was 16, both he and his brother Mike were competing in rodeos all over Texas.

In 1962, tired of the bruises and fractured bones, he began to pursue a career in country music. Bandy sang in a simple style that extracted the utmost from his songs of lost love, sadness, and life. Although by no means a Hank Williams sound-alike, his method of putting across his honky-tonk songs showed the distinct influence of Williams. He met with immediate success at Columbia Records with Paul Craft's "Hank Williams, You Wrote My Life" and quickly added further hits. This is a photo of Moe Bandy..

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