Tennessee Flat Top Box by Gary_A

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Gary_A (harmony)


Tennessee Flat Top Box


Rosanne Cash


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Recording information by Gary_AGOLD

I took these photos in Parksville on Vancouver Island, BC.

My friend Linda did such an awesome job singing and playing on this ole' classic song made famous by Rosanne Cash that I had to join her on it. I added 3 extra guitar tracks to her awesome rendition.. Very nicely done Linda, That Washburn sounds great...Thanks for keeping it open.. A great job... We'll done.

Linda's Original Recording is here: http://www.singsnap.com/karaoke/r/b49fc2f2b

This song was written by Johnny Cash and performed by his daughter Rosanne Cash, who is an American singer-songwriter and author. She is the eldest daughter of the late great country music icon Johnny Cash and his first wife, Vivian Liberto Cash Distin. Although Rosanne is often classified as a country artist, her music draws on many genres, including folk, pop, rock and blues. In the 1980s, she had a string of chart-topping singles, which crossed musical genres and landed on both C&W and Top 100 charts, the most commercially successful being her 1981 breakthrough hit "Seven Year Ache", which topped the U.S. country singles charts and reached the Top 30 on the U.S. pop singles charts.

This is a photo of Rosanne Cash..

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