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I'm Still Holding On


Luther Barnes




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t2closeLEVEL 63

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"I'm Still Holding On" By Luther Barnes & The Red Bud Chorus (Lead vocalist: Deborah Barnes) this song has always been great song of encouragement for me. I just wanted to share this wonderful song of praise with my SS family. The version I uploaded is in low with background vocals I pray you give it a try. Thank you and God Bless to you all.......no matter what comes I'm still holding on to my God. Amen

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Donte2211LEVEL 64

Comment by Donte2211GOLD

Shoe Shoe Shine r/af6950a15

Great performance Tim MDBrother!!!!! Enjoyed my listen so very much. YF/Fan Always, Donte

DrsWoodardLEVEL 104

Comment by DrsWoodardGOLD +3

My Next Thirty Years / Tim McGraw r/c1ab7db45

Good Evening Tim, great Luther Barnes song selection and you know as Saturday is my Sabbath... I'm being blessed listening to you tonight.

ladyj41LEVEL 42

Comment by ladyj41GOLD

DRroppin in to show you some love!! Awesome Praise!! I love this song!!!

dcookie1958LEVEL 43

Comment by dcookie1958

Fabulous job on this Tim MDSSF~!!! I enjoyed my listen from start to finish~!!!

BlackcherrytwoLEVEL 65

Comment by Blackcherrytwo

When you smile I smile


It just happened

Donte sent me here

Hey I remember you... hehehe

I hope all is well with you bro

BlackcherrytwoLEVEL 65

Comment by Blackcherrytwo

You're softness

Is so Amazing

You're still my favorite r&b King


You put a taste of heaven in this

Such a innocent and loving song to our God

Amazing Sing

Donte put a mighty soul to this

I loved his version too

Thanks for the new song

Be cool


Tika P

BlackcherrytwoLEVEL 65

Comment by Blackcherrytwo

That swag though

Get me Everytime

The swag is real

HOPESolutionLEVEL 61

Comment by HOPESolutionGOLD

T this just sensational and you are sounding just wonderful on this and the spirit is within your voice and felt it move within me ..............................praise you .......dwight

HOPESolutionLEVEL 61

Comment by HOPESolutionGOLD

back for another listen and sharing this with those on my FB page too.............thanks T sharing this voice of yours with us...............................dwight

OhioPeachLEVEL 55

Comment by OhioPeachGOLD


Love this song, LOVE how you sang it !!!!

t2closeLEVEL 63

Comment by t2closeGOLD

Thank you my family for all the love. To my God all the honor and praise, it's by his Mercy and Grace that helps me to hold on. Please keep me in your prayers as I work my way through some stormy times. Many blessing to you all and take care.

DaisyTeaLEVEL 101

Comment by DaisyTeaGOLD

Hello there, t2,

Here listening in on a Sunny Tuesday afternoon....

DaisyTeaLEVEL 101

Comment by DaisyTeaGOLD

And Holding on very well ... Love this.
Your sing ....Oooo.... So Emotive.


God Bless you.

LucieH725LEVEL 60

Comment by LucieH725GOLD

Tim, Tim, Tim, You just blow me away every time! I loved this,, man that voice is so awesome, I got my Tim fix ...gn Lucie

LucieH725LEVEL 60

Comment by LucieH725GOLD

I was inspired and you made me throw up my hand, cause Im still holding on to his hand too Lucie

PRodrigueLEVEL 78

Comment by PRodrigueGOLD

Hi Tim, I'm here listening and enjoying your new upload my friend and I like this gospel melody from you! Beautiful words and an outstanding rendition of this inspirational song! Outstanding Tim! Regards, Paul

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

Not really into contemporary Christian music, more of a traditionalist and Southern gospel follower here, but I'm still holding on to your divine 'demo' delivery of your upload, Tim!

joybeaulieuLEVEL 97

Comment by joybeaulieuGOLD

Tim, this is very beautiful.
So glad I dropped by your studio tonight.
Been awhile since I've heard you.
Sounding fabulous my friend.
Blessings & Hugs,

cannotsing24LEVEL 108

Comment by cannotsing24GOLD

Hello mdf,,,,,,,,,,,new to me
but I somehow know it's
gonna be good

great soft and smooth
singing ,,,,,,,,,,,,Fantastic
enjoying it ,,,,,,Shirley

raddoc888LEVEL 75

Comment by raddoc888GOLD

this is absolutely such an outstanding performance Tim...
what a perfect song for you... a marvelous rendition..
beautiful words and music... and wonderfully performed by you my friend !!!