Your Cheatin' Heart by Gary_A

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Your Cheatin' Heart


Boxcar Willie


3 Duets


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Recording information by Gary_AGOLD

I took these photos in Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island, BC.

Thank you sweetsuejustyou for uploading this one to the Songbook.

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*** Backing Track / Instrumental - no Vocals )

This is my rendition ( 4 guitar tracks - no vocals ) of a song which was written by Hank Williams and performed by Travis Martin, whose stage name was Boxcar Willie, who was an American country music singer-songwriter and air force personnel sergeant, who sang in the "old-time hobo" music style, complete with dirty face, overalls, and a floppy hat. "Boxcar Willie" was originally a character in a ballad he wrote, but he later adopted it as his own stage name.

Martin joined the United States Air Force in 1949, and served as a flight engineer for the B-29 Super Fortress during the Korean War in the early 1950s. In Lincoln, Nebraska, He was once sitting at a railroad crossing and a fellow that closely resembled his chief boom operator, Willie Wilson, passed by sitting in a boxcar. He said, "There goes Willie."Martin pulled over and wrote a song entitled "Boxcar Willie". It eventually stuck and became his nickname.

In 1976, Martin left the Air Force and became a full-time performer. He went on to become a star in country music. In 1981, Martin achieved a professional landmark by being inducted into the Grand Ole Opry as its 60th member.

In 1985, Martin moved to Branson, Missouri and purchased a theatre. In addition to the Boxcar Willie Theatre, he opened a museum and eventually had two motels, both bearing his name. Boxcar Willie was one of the first big stars to open a show in Branson, paving the way for the other nationally-known names that followed.. He performed at his theatre in Branson until he died from leukemia in 1996.

This is a picture of Boxcar Willie...

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