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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


Cyndi Lauper




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How would I like the first chapter of 2019 to be for me?

Well, the chapter has already seems to have instantly thrown stress and mess within the mix of life - nothing unusual but once in a while it would be nice to not have the "typicals" happen. While its going to take a while to deal with one stress, time to get over another stress, a day tomorrow which I am not looking forward to and a whole bunch of things which are without a doubt yet to come. I don't plan on sitting around and moping about the what ifs and who wills.

How would I like to start first chapter of 2019 to be? Filled with fun, smiles on my 3 daughters faces and time to figure out just what I am actually going to do with my life. It would be great to grow my cake business to a point of being able to say "sorry I'm fully booked" every week and possibly make it so I can have just the one job instead of the 2 I have right now. Will all that happen? I don't know but I do know as long as there are good times in my household, as long as my children are happy and I can come on here to relax, sing and meet new friends along the way, then I'm ok with taking each day as it comes and leaving it all up to HIM, with some effort from me of course!


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