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Dancing In The Street


Martha and The Vandellas






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ChezzabLEVEL 51

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For Round 4 I watched the video and looked at the theme for this round and the song DANCING IN THE STREET came to mind.
It is a song that brings ALL Nations together and makes you want to DANCE even if you are not a DANCER. I LOVE music and there is no better way then to express it through SONG and DANCE.
So I am asking you to put your dancing shoes on and come DANCE with me and the FLASH DANCE GROUPS to my rendition of DANCING IN THE STREET.
( Judges Entry)

"Dancing in the Street" is a song written by Marvin Gaye, William "Mickey" Stevenson and Ivy Jo Hunter. It first became popular in 1964 when recorded by Martha and the Vandellas whose version reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and peaked at No. 4 in the UK Singles Chart. It is one of Motown's signature songs and is the group's premier signature song.


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Mark49LEVEL 70

Comment by Mark49GOLD

Have heard lots of covers of this one.
The worst video of all time.
Mick Jagger and David Bowie.
Enjoyed your cover better than theirs
Very nice....

happyseniorLEVEL 67

Comment by happyseniorGOLD +10 +4

Wow, I am ready for a brand new beat ... and joining you in the street. You are leading the group off with a great song and I am right here dancing with you. I am good for about 15 seconds .... love your entertainment as you sing this!

donnica59LEVEL 99

Comment by donnica59GOLD +10

This is a real dance number!
hope i don't break any furniture!
Just loved it my friend!

Michael57LEVEL 85

Comment by Michael57GOLD +3

Great spirited sing on this classic dance tune!

Songbird35LEVEL 62

Comment by Songbird35GOLD

Singing your heart out on this one Cheryl, great vibes, cant help but want to dance this one to the end. Enjoyed my listen,

bobbybluesman48LEVEL 81

Comment by bobbybluesman48GOLD +1

Singing till I drop

I agree it is a real dance number thats why i chose it too in my group. Fantastic upbeat performance.

bobbybluesman48LEVEL 81

Comment by bobbybluesman48GOLD +1

Singing till I drop

Found me a dancing partner here

MillenniaLEVEL 97

Comment by MillenniaGOLD +3

Hiya Cheryl lass, AWESOME sing here love it ! Got me a dancing in me bedroom lol But I can see those flash Dance folks a dancing in the street for sure Hit the button! God bless n stay safe


Comment by APHGOLD

LorrieonlineLEVEL 59

Comment by LorrieonlineGOLD +1

Fabulous performance, Cheryl! You have me dancing here, enjoying your vocals, as always!! What fun. Loving this and you know I'm heading up to the LIB!!


FinnPeterLEVEL 105

Comment by FinnPeterGOLD +6 +2

Singing Friends From Afar Club---Get More Listens-->Welcome!

Sing it Cheryl - Clapping!
I sure enjoyed my listen - Sweet vocals all the way!
WTG on this great swinging song - Loved it!
Interesting story - Great job Honey!
Good Luck - - Hugs, Peter

XXsmurfetteXXLEVEL 100

Comment by XXsmurfetteXXGOLD +1 +1


I love this song and you sound amazing here hun wtg

Loved reading your words too hugs Karan xxx

JohnnySilvaLEVEL 80

Comment by JohnnySilvaGOLD +2

Hey Cheryl getting down with beat awesome sing very energetic sounding
vocals very lively performance superb rendition

lazarus57LEVEL 67

Comment by lazarus57GOLD

Hey Cheryl what a great cover of this classic. A super vocal performance with a spirited rendition, I enjoyed my listen.

joybeaulieuLEVEL 97

Comment by joybeaulieuGOLD

Hello my dear friend.
What a great choice for a Flash Mob.
I'm ready to join you.
Makes me feel so happy.
Great job sweetie.

Dave1970LEVEL 66

Comment by Dave1970GOLD

A spirited and lively performance. A strong quality entry for our team. Bravo!!!

-Bev-LEVEL 106

Comment by -Bev-SPECIAL-EVENTS +6 +1

The UK is on enforced Lock down because people would not adhere to Government advice on coronavirus

diditomicLEVEL 102

Comment by diditomicGOLD +11

Got my dancing shoes on my 2 left feet and dancing with you.......full of energy on this song Cheryl.....some feel good vibes happening in your studio...definately