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The Sound Of Music (Movie Version)




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Recording information by eggbeater-edPATRON

I sure ain't no angel but I sure do love to sing with one. Had trouble keeping emotions under control as hard to hold back the tears. God bless and love ya'all ~ ed.

timmy_17LEVEL 23

Comment by timmy_17GOLD

amen brother ed

timmy_17LEVEL 23

Comment by timmy_17GOLD

fantastic sing .............ed and blue bird.
she is an angel.......................
fantastic sing by my dear friends !

bellowaulerLEVEL 27

Comment by bellowaulerGOLD

I knew I was in for a treat from the very moment I hit play...two of my favorite SS artists together on one of my favorite SOM songs...and I was definitely not disappointed...what a beautiful combination of voices to create a harmonious masterpiece...Bravo!!!

nene37LEVEL 34

Comment by nene37GOLD

Oh wow...I'm with Marc...this IS a treat...for ME anyway! This song is so special to me for several reasons...one being that my ancestors on both sides are primarily from Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Another reason is because marked a deeply moving moment in the Von Trapp family's history (at least as it was told in the movie), as Captain Von Trapp was singing it, he was essentially saying goodbye to the land he so deeply loved but also mourning the loss of her values and ideals, the very life breath of the country as they were trampled under the angry boots of the third reich. When I hear this song now...I think I feel what Captain Von Trapp felt in the movie...only for my own country.

nene37LEVEL 34

Comment by nene37GOLD

Thank you for lending your beautiful voice and joining me on this special song my dear friend.
God bless "me love"
Steph xoxoxoxo

MarneyLEVEL 31

Comment by MarneyGOLD

Wonderful duet Steph & Ed. Loved it! xoxoxoxo

anan01LEVEL 9

Comment by anan01

My very FAVORITE song from The Sound of Music!
Beautifully done!
Kentucky *****s from Kay
I see you have met my son-in-law, Timmy_17...He's a sweetheart!