Get Here (Acoustic) by CindiAnn

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CindiAnn 63 (harmony)


Get Here (Acoustic)


Oleta Adams




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CindiAnnLEVEL 63

Recording information by CindiAnnGOLD

I tried.

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michaelangel2020LEVEL 70

Comment by michaelangel2020GOLD

Smooth sing Ms. CindyAnn!!!!!!!!
I super enjoyed my listen!
Got ya flagged.......
All my hearts and stars!


Comment by -Zen-

Well I thought this may suit your voice and style. I think I was right!

Absolutely gorgeous!


Comment by AlGOLD +1 +1

r/b7a22d359 <= A song dedicated 2 my 1 & only LOVE @Daniela4Luv (Dani) <3 U XO

This is such a beautiful sing Cindi!!! Enjoyed listening to you very much smooth all the way!! Well done!!

FinnPeterLEVEL 106

Comment by FinnPeterGOLD


Sing it Cindi - Clapping!
I so enjoyed my listen - Sweet vocals all the way!
WTG on this great Oleta Adams song - Loved it!
Great job Honey - You did more than tried WOW!
Hugs, Peter

jc4uLEVEL 104

Comment by jc4uPATRON +2 +3

"Teach Me Tonight" r/c07131395 Blessings/Prayers!

Hi, CindiAnn,
New to me. . . . listening. . . . . lovely song/lyrics. . . . what a beautiful sing
by you - such a pretty voice you have - . . . . really loved everything about this. . .
Love acoustic arrangements and this is a really lovely one - wonderful lyrics!
Thanks for the introduction to this magical song!

JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

Daily Song Even Thenr/b560f3725

Hi CindiAnn
listening here

JohnTexasLEVEL 76

Comment by JohnTexasGOLD

Daily Song Even Thenr/b560f3725

wow what a pretty song, love the beat the message and the beautiful singing, you didn't just try you did, loved it , stars, hugs and have a blessed day
John wow, wow and wow a goosebumps performance LIB # 6

bluenotesingerLEVEL 62

Comment by bluenotesingerGOLD

Hi CindyAnn ……

Loving you sing on this.
Your vocals are absolutely to die for.....
A super delivery on this song.....
I like the acoustic sound on this....
Lots of music here.... loved it....


Angelgirl758LEVEL 111

Comment by Angelgirl758GOLD +6 +10

Hi CindiAnn

Harmony and the acoustic version of this song....a perfect match!!
You have given an outstanding sing ....a flawless performance my friend.
Loved it!!

oldnh12LEVEL 73

Comment by oldnh12GOLD

Hello CindiAnn!
I'm so glad you are in the club as I
enjoy your voice so much!
It's such a treat to hear you sing my
Beautiful once again CindiAnn!
I loved it!
Hugs and God bless!

Sethi_BeheometLEVEL 72

Comment by Sethi_BeheometGOLD

lovely voice! perfect song for you!

cannotsing24LEVEL 108

Comment by cannotsing24GOLD +3 +3

Beautiful singing and song choice
Enjoying my lisen Shirley

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

I got here quick as I could and sure glad I made the cut to listen to your exquisite rendition , Cindi!

LetaM2635LEVEL 47

Comment by LetaM2635GOLD

I knew I would have such a wonderful listen. It’s such a delight listening to the ease you tackle each note of your singing - it tells me there is an easy synchronization of the lyrics you see and your upper case memory of the melody, then the full vocal production of the song. Such a lovely sight to see. It makes me sad a little for myself, as I used to have that asset but I have just recently lost it, now it’s harder for me to deliver new songs in a precise fashion.
Beautiful vocal singing delivery, as usual. TY.