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Mercy Walked In


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Mercy means God forgives me… it’s the greatest news ever… more than Cure for Disease, Mercy forgives… frees… gives us a clean slate and fresh start...

What Happens is that this great news become old news and we begin to take it for granted… I already know that…

forgiveness is not a theological fact. It’s a gift from God to You on a daily basis.
Do you feel forgiven? I know you have been forgiven, but do you feel it? We should.
People feel guilty and there is a problem if you feel guilty but never feel forgiven.

I have never heard someone go, and saying, I feel forgiven today.” We should be saying that because we are forgiven.

When you feel guilty, it draws you away from God. Who wants to be close to the one who makes you feel guilty.

When you feel forgiven, it draws you closer to God. We are going to look at some truths concerning forgiveness
Paul tells us that we have all sinned and there is nothing we can do to fix it. Paul says, He declares us NOT GUILTY. That’s what God does and it’s free to us.

Just because it was free, doesn’t mean there wasn’t a cost. It cost Jesus his life. He had to die on the cross for our forgiveness. When we place our trust in Jesus, God freely forgives us and declares us not guilty.


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