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Maybe Baby


(Back-up Vocals) Buddy Holly




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My voice sounds gravely because three years ago the Doctors had to intubate me to get oxygen to my lungs because of a case of phenomena. Thanks for putting up with a gravel voice.

When I was a young man half the fun in getting a LP or Album was to read all the cool stuff the publisher had to say about the band or the personnel on the various "cuts" some time there would be a really neat poster of the band. I try to duplicate that with my "Liner Notes”


Holly had been kicking around his home town in Lubbock, Texas trying to write a hit song for his small rockabilly band since he had attended an Elvis Presley gig at his High School some time in 1955. His band in those days consisted of him on lead vocals and guitar, Jerry Allison on the drums and Joe B. Maudlin on upright bass. He and Jerry decided to get together and go see The Searchers, a Western movie staring John Wayne. In the movie, Wayne keeps replying, "That'll be the day," every time another character in the film predicts or proclaims something will happen when he felt it was not likely to happen. The phrase stuck in Jerry's mind, and when they were hanging out at Jerry's house one night, Buddy looked at Jerry and said that it sure would be nice if they could record a hit song. Jerry replied with, "That'll be the day," imitating John Wayne in the film.

Holly and his band The Three Tunes recorded this in Nashville in 1956, but Decca records didn't like the result and refused to release it. A year later, Holly re-recorded it with The Crickets in a studio in Clovis, New Mexico owned by his new producer, Norman Petty. Backup vocalists were brought in and the key was lowered to fit Holly's voice a little better. This version became a huge hit and made Holly a star that summer.

Norman Petty took a writing credit on this because he produced it. This meant Holly and Allison had to share royalties with him.

This was Holly's first hit, but it was credited to The Crickets, Holly's band. They worked with two record labels, with one releasing Holly's songs as The Crickets and the other as Buddy Holly. Both labels were subsidiaries of Decca Records.
This inspired the British 1973 movie of the same name, about a young man with dreams of becoming a rock star.

This was the first song John Lennon learned to play on guitar. American rock stars like Holly and Little Richard were a big influence on The Beatles.

The movie that inspired Holly and Allison to write this also provided the name for the British group The Searchers in 1964.

When this became a hit, Decca records released Holly's earlier version as well.

A cover version of this classic song was recorded by the Quarrymen in the spring of 1958. A single 78rpm disc was pressed, making it the very first demo recorded by the trio of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison, plus pianist John Lowe and drummer Colin Hanton.

The Quarrymen's version was first played by McCartney during a 1985 documentary on Buddy Holly. It was eventually released in 1995 on the Anthology 1 collection.

Linda Ronstadt released her version as the lead single from her 1976 album Hasten Down the Wind. This came at the suggestion of her producer, Peter Asher, who recorded the song completely live, just as Holly's version was done in the days before multitracking. The song went to #11 in the US and marked a shift for Ronstadt away from country rock.
On this version, listen for the guitar solo - Waddy Wachtel played the first four bars, then Andrew Gold took over for the last four. Wachtel's performance helped raise his profile in the Los Angeles music scene, where he soon became one of the top session players.

In the US, a version by the Everly Brothers reached #111 in 1965; Pure Prairie League took it to #106 in 1976.


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Happy Autumn /RIP Johnnie75 / * (3) tunes ! //// Happy Halloween! boo!

Capt TIM
hey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Maybe I'll sit in the front seat!! smiles.

Oh yes A FUN song and sing

This was a bit hit and I can hear and see why! .

Super golden classic*******love it!CC




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Eye In The Sky: Alan Parsons Project

Hey capt

a classic Buddy Holly song and
great sing mf

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Eye In The Sky: Alan Parsons Project

a pleasure dialing you in
sounded supa

loved it

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