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by Jackie and John~

Thanks for the listens. This is a meaningful piece~

Thank you john for helping me put this song together.. What a great job you did.

Below are the words of my original poem and we turned into a song~So the words got switched up a bit..Either way My original words with johns help of music and suggestions. You're awesome~ THANKSSSSSSSSSSSS

By Jackie H
That moment when you touched my life.
That moment when I never wanted you to leave my side.
That moment i cried so hard or felt broken inside
That moment i didn't want to say goodbye.
I love you so much and hurt at the same time.
Nobody can understand the pain i feel inside
Wherever you are you always have a place
Deep inside my heart that i can't erase.
No matter if we saw each other day by day
I know you loved me even the same.
You are gone and it takes time to comprehend
Loving you grows stronger with no end
That moment you were gone i just knew
That it was real and i had to believe it too.
That moment that your pain was gone
I knew you were in a place where you belonged.
Say hello to all the loved ones and hug them for me
Have them do the same for you from me
I can't express what you mean to me
I can't express how you touched so many lives
I just want to express you were always loving and didn't think twice.
No matter the reason you filled our life with joy
You laughed,you cried,and you never left anyone behind you were so very nice.
Only to notice that moment is still
Wishing i could hug you one last time
Wishing i didn't have to say bye
WIshing i spent more time with you
Wishing you knew how much i cared for you.
No matter how you touched my life
No matter who you were in my life
You loved me no matter what.
The words you told me will always stay
Deep inside me and reminded on my bad days.
Your sweet spirit that everyone knew
Will guide and keep me going through
Never giving up hope to see you again
Because that is eternity my friend
I know where you are and so glad of that.
Thank you heavenly father for sharing with me
An angel who loved so many unconditionally.
Because of that moment it helps when you went away
Being able to look Brighter each day.
As you listen to my words and see my tears
I love you forever and will not fear
For one day we will be together
We will always stay close together
But now as you part for a short time
Know that others you touched in your life
Will remember you too and we all stick together
Because you taught to love one another and we all belong together forever.
Till we meet again i want you to know loving you never ends
Till we meet again my wonderful friend.....

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Comment by Smeech

This I Beautiful Jackie and John
listening here


Comment by Smeech

Now that was so Beautiful Jackie. and John did an awesome job on the Music
I really loved this. and the lyrics are so heart touching
........................................ Michael

masse4lifeLEVEL 74

Comment by masse4lifeCHAT-ADMIN

Hmmm it was my pleasure to help you put together a beautiful song. The words are truly more beautiful than the music but together they complete a song!!!! A masterpiece even!! So beautiful!!!! Ty for taking the time to complete this project with me you truly are a great friend!!!!!!!


rocky_right2002LEVEL 30

Comment by rocky_right2002

Great Song and Sing.
:) :)

Beth1966LEVEL 69

Comment by Beth1966GOLD

So beautiful . Sad yet so lovely . Jackie tis is the best I have heard from you . So much passion and emotion in this. WOW is the only thing I can say . God Bless . Great job u2
YF always

helcrisLEVEL 101

Comment by helcrisPATRON +10

Duet City r/bc9a0272b

This is amazing love this thanks for singing and putting the words for us many starssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and to your friend John for helping you with this amazing song ********************************** Helen

dottysingerLEVEL 36

Comment by dottysinger

This is amazing. Totally blew me away xxxxxxxx

AprilDazeLEVEL 59

Comment by AprilDazeGOLD

what beautiful lyrics and singing!!! this was totally awesome! great voice!!! so glad I got to hear this!!

bravo!!! clappin!!

you and your friend John done a super job !!!
totally loved it

sweet2012LEVEL 69

Comment by sweet2012

hello jackie&john
wow wow beautyful duet togather
enjoying this
thank you for the sweet comment hug wilma
button push

djtechnorellaLEVEL 47

Comment by djtechnorellaGOLD

Just beautiful Jackie!! I loved it!!!


Comment by OrKo6GOLD

Loved this Jackieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Blaker74LEVEL 46

Comment by Blaker74

Great job Jackie!! You are a very talented songwriter!

GinnyJ77LEVEL 93

Comment by GinnyJ77

Hey sweetie, listenin

GinnyJ77LEVEL 93

Comment by GinnyJ77

Jackie, this was so heartfelt and beautiful!!!
What a masterpiece you have here dear!
This was so sad, but so incredible sweetness!
Hugs to you!!!!!

pbirdLEVEL 103

Comment by pbirdGOLD

Hello, Jackie and John.

How beautiful and sacred this song,
in lyrics and melody. It is in my heart now.


--AItaliaBella--LEVEL 99

Comment by --AItaliaBella--GOLD +33

WHERE LOVE IS THERE God is also...........................................

WOW!!!! Soooo love the lyrics very insightful, meaningful message!!!! AWESOME collaboration with your friend Jackie!!!!! BRILLIANT!!!!! Very L*O*V*E*L*Y*.....Thank you so much for sharing your WONDERFUL talents!!!! it!!!!

RachelRae8LEVEL 104

Comment by RachelRae8GOLD

Hi Jackie!..

I never forgot about this!... and I had already listened to it then got sidetracked but never commented, so I'm back to listen again and comment this time!

This is really beautiful and heartfelt!.....'re a wonderful writer!... and I love the backing music to go with your lyrics too!...

I really enjoyed this!...

Keep writing!


Beth1966LEVEL 69

Comment by Beth1966GOLD

I had to come back for a listen and visit . I have this saved in my favorites. It is amazing . You have a talent like none other . So does John . Ty for sharing . Love u
Your Friend always