Do You Love Me by Songbird35

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Do You Love Me


Brian Poole and The Tremeloes




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Songbird35LEVEL 62

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We use to do this one back in the days when I was a singer with an all girl pop group and it always got the audience jumping all over the dance floor, its just so infectiously happy. Enjoyed doing it once again, hope you guys did a little twist at least lol.

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donnica59LEVEL 99

Comment by donnica59GOLD +10

Front row

donnica59LEVEL 99

Comment by donnica59GOLD +10

My feet are virtually off the floor!

donnica59LEVEL 99

Comment by donnica59GOLD +10

you still got it Lady
loved it
Yes did!

sicireLEVEL 76

Comment by sicireGOLD

Woo HOO! Oh yeah...I'd get on the floor and do it ALL...BACK THEN! Love your daughter was the lead in an all girl band in HS, too, A Rocker (not like her folksy,show tunes, Oldies, mama)..she's on SS sometimes as SeaGee. I helped name her group MYTH and my other daughter played drums. ...What memories of rehearsals in my basement. YOU did a Fantastic performance...Still got it, Girl!!....

MillenniaLEVEL 97

Comment by MillenniaPATRON +3

WOOOOHOOOOO! you go Jackie AWESOME performance lass. I really loved this one, you aced it girl! you had way too much fun doing this huh? lol and it is very contagious lol had me dancing round the floor . this is my second listen and am going again before I leave WOOOOHOOO! hit the button! God bless n stay safe

happyseniorLEVEL 67

Comment by happyseniorGOLD +10 +4

Love this .. Love this .. and Love this more ... Wow ...... Shake it up ... shake it up .. Shake it down .... ah I love Mashed potatoes .... and the twist .. with my broken hips .. super sing!

dearsomeoneLEVEL 100

Comment by dearsomeoneGOLD +6

Beautiful performance !!! made me dancing !!!


Comment by APHGOLD

A top of the pile selection Jackie, which you have really put life into with your performance both visual and vocal.You have taken us back over 50 years and I enjoyed my listen now as much as I did then listening to them live. Excellent young lady,well done.
Take care

Mark49LEVEL 70

Comment by Mark49GOLD

I saw this in a Movie.
Maybe Dirty Dancing
Your energy is infectious
A most entertaining performance
Much Enjoyed


Comment by daddybearGOLD

Michael57LEVEL 85

Comment by Michael57GOLD +3

You go girl! Bet you group was fab too. Super job on this rock and roll great!

FinnPeterLEVEL 105

Comment by FinnPeterGOLD +6 +2

Singing Friends From Afar Club---Get More Listens-->Welcome!

Sing it Jackie - Clapping!
I sure enjoyed my listen - Cool vocals all the way!
WTG on this great swinging song - Loved it!
Great job Honey - Nice story!
Hugs, Peter

TonyfromLutonLEVEL 69

Comment by TonyfromLutonGOLD

Can remember dancing on the floor to Brian Poole at Dreamland Ballroom and at the Winter Gardens in the 60 ' time of my life !
Absolutely LOVED it,

RibbonLEVEL 100

Comment by RibbonGOLD +6 +4

COMO LA FLOR.... r/ccb063f17

jc4uLEVEL 103

Comment by jc4uPATRON +5 +1

"Pray without ceasing" 1 Thess. 5:17 Love Letters r/c9bdec547 Prayers

Hi, Jackie, Big smiles here. . . loved the mash potato and the twist. . . can't sit still here. . . . oh yeah. . . .
what a wonderful, exciting performance. . . .
WOW . . . . . Simply LOVED THIS, BIG TIME!!!!!
Blessings, Joyce

rockafrybabyLEVEL 95

Comment by rockafrybabyGOLD

Would like to dance along! How about a dance! GREAT!

Teacup10LEVEL 73

Comment by Teacup10GOLD

I'm really loving hearing your vocals in this contest. Your voice is absolutely gorgeous. You are such a talented lady. Fantastic upbeat cadence! Fabulous performance, team mate!

Alie58LEVEL 60

Comment by Alie58GOLD

sooo love this Jackie!!!
awesome job teammie! I looove the way you perform!
huggss and smiless Alie