Somebody That I Used To Know by swankivy

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Somebody That I Used To Know


Gotye & Kimbra




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Sorry to people who are tired of this song, but I don't listen to the radio and I'm not sick of it at all. This song totally kills me, so if I seem a little weird at the end it's because I'm trying to keep it together to sing. Also, I apologize for all the low notes that disappear, because . . . I'm a soprano and yet I'm trying to sing this in the right octave.

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Comment by TUNED-OUT

Again, I must be missing something...18 previous views yet no comments. Its beyond me....

Love the emotion and raw feelings you conveyed. I always appreciate a song more when I know, and can feel, the emotional affect it has on the presenter. It pulls the listener in and gives them reason to invest in the song as well. Of course, it always helps when the presenter has a buttery smooth voice and an awesome perfirmance.

Great sing!

Oh, and I love this

BeeBonesLEVEL 19

Comment by BeeBones

I found this totally entertaining! Loved that you did both roles! Sounded so pretty!!

mighty_cujo65LEVEL 3

Comment by mighty_cujo65

Oh wow, you sound absolutely amazing on this sontg, I totally love this song, and am really enjoying listening to your version, love your voice, thank you so much for sharing this great performance, Well deserving of my 10 *S*T*A*R*S*
Bravooo to you, and i would love if you joined me on this song, I recorded my part, now you dont have to, just asking.
Anyways thanks a million for sharing, from your friend Victor!