The Lucky One by RonnieDm

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The Lucky One


Alison Krauss and Union Station






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Smiles.. Just ALways Wanted to Try this Song.. Love the 'Rhythm' of It.. Smiles.. Ronnie..

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ojibawayprincessLEVEL 3

Comment by ojibawayprincess

I finaly got my internet working again after the storm we had so glad I got this chance to hear you sing this lovely song simply outstanding sweetie sending hugs your way xoxoxo linda


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Smiles.. Thanks Linda.. Glad You Got to Hear my 'First' Try of this 'First'.. lol.. Smiles.. Ronnie..

bluesky4LEVEL 26

Comment by bluesky4GOLD

Good Morning Ronnie...Magnificent Sing mf...You are so right in your comment.....Loved my listen.....Smiles


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Hi Sister Cheryl.. Thanks for Listening to It 'All'.. Smiles.. Ronnie..


Comment by Sparkletacular

Hey Big Bro....

Love how you were playing your "air guitar" during the intro.

If I believed in luck, I would agree at your statement... but I don't. But do believe that those of us who are in Christ are blessed...far more than we will realize this side of Heaven.

Enjoyed stopping by!

hugs n blessings!


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Amen Sister Stacey.. that is What I Believe 2.. SMiles.. Ron..

CathlynLEVEL 32

Comment by Cathlyn

Awwww Love this song....Glad you sang this one .....WE are the BLESSED ones.... <><

torchieLEVEL 52

Comment by torchieGOLD

yes you are Kat"" and im blessssed just knowin ya both" heck im the lucky one" whoever said blood was thickern water must nottta been talkin bout the Devils"blood ill take yer pure water anyday bro" oh sorry you too Kat yer my Family" if its ok?? God bless these 2 sweet Angels lil bro mikey the lucky one" hey bein the lonely one aint bad then"" yee hawww thanks big bro""


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

God Bless You Mikey.. We Love You 2.. Smiles.. Ronnie and Cathy..

Musicblue41LEVEL 39

Comment by Musicblue41GOLD

Great sing Ronnie and we are blessed by knowing our Lord Savior & God and being God's children...

Hugs Sheri


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Amen Sister Sheri.. God Bless You and Your Children..
SMiles Ronnie and Cat..

prettykaren1LEVEL 3

Comment by prettykaren1

Hi Ronnie and Cat...!

Well I like this song and I would have sang a duet with ya but I'm blue.. Not Blue in spirit but blue in membership.. Thank Our Lord for joyfulness!!

I was going to say the same thing Sheri said, that we are blessed by knowing Our Lord Savior and God ! No luck or bones about it..;)Amen.. You said that too!

Good song, thanks for sharing!! Smiles across the miles.. Karen

SLGross215LEVEL 24

Comment by SLGross215

Awesome job MF.


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Thanks Karen and Sarah... God Bless... Smiles.. Ron and Cat..

SignatureEyesLEVEL 2

Comment by SignatureEyes

Very nice, Ronnie. Why should it be called the lonely one? I don't get it...figures, lol. I'll go ponder that a bit.


Comment by RonnieDmGOLD

Hi Sister Laura.. aww.. cause of Life of 'Partying'.. one nite stands.. barrooms... and just 'blowin' in the wind with 'no' direction or 'Base'... is.... 'Lonely'... Smiles.. R