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New York, New York


Ryan Adams




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MsTakeLEVEL 84

Recording information by MsTake

Gotta dedicate this one to my friends in the city.

And acknowledge Cliff cmwhitestripes whose version really got to me. I heard Ryan's on the radio the other day and had to try it. Snap has it listed under Country. Huh! Well, so many songs cross over these days.

Thanks for listening!

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MaryMacLEVEL 84

Comment by MaryMacGOLD

I like the song...might be the first time I ever paid attention to this....your tones and notes are so have chosen the best key for your voice.....
I like the higher registars in your voice...alot...sounds
really great~~~~~ xoxoxoxxo5.0

davemLEVEL 68

Comment by davemPATRON

Have not heard this before but you are always introducing me to new songs!!! Your taste in songs is impeccable and I love this one too!! Or maybe it's just you singing it!! You sing with so much joy!! Thanks!!

cmwhitestripesLEVEL 9

Comment by cmwhitestripes

You did a fantastic job my friend. I love it!!!!

I'm a big Ryan Adams fan, you did the song justice!!!


PhlebotomizerLEVEL 12

Comment by Phlebotomizer

Hey baby!! What's happenin'???... LOL... Some good ol' Canadian content... Pretty cool tune there... You did a bang up job with this one Jewelya. (Bang up is Newfie for Awesome...LOLOL).... Sure did love my listen darlin' !!!


JibirucaLEVEL 7

Comment by Jibiruca

beautiful voice!!!

JibirucaLEVEL 7

Comment by Jibiruca

5 stars for sure


Comment by shineonGOLD

YOu know some great songs and thanks for bringing them here to us .....Sorry, I don't know the techie side of your voice and what key you sound good always sound good to me .....cos I like you and even if I didn't like you you would still sound good ..:) ..

Great song ,,,I enjoyed xx


Comment by Nanaimo2GOLD

Charming. I guess I'm happy to grab some of this sunshine along with Xan, Sherm, Crooner and your other New York fans. You're sounding so bright and cheerful on a Monday.

Thank you.


dannyo152LEVEL 16

Comment by dannyo152

What happened to those little town blues melting away?

No matter, no less.

A quick phrased one and you rode it good.


Comment by sea_biscuit

those teeth on your profile ..fangs for the memories !! getting ready for Halloween... good fun


Comment by sea_biscuit

very smooth, sultry and soft performance!! TERRIFIC!!!


Comment by sea_biscuit

MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

Hey! Where'd you get that pic of me, Sergio, green-eyed lady, passion's lady?

Thanks for listening folks!

MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

Hi Danny! Yes! It was tough to get all those words in, a definite exercise in auctioneering!

MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

Nan~ Glad you liked it. Just a drop in the reciprocal bucket for ALL your dedications. Fangs for the memories indeed!

skyperessLEVEL 30

Comment by skyperess

A whole lot of everything here to watch and listen,Jewels, awesome dedi for New Yorkers, enjoyed to visit, gotta run now the vampiress looks kinda dangerous, but not before I leave lots of stars, an evening brightener ****************** Saab.


Comment by bangbangzoomgo

not heard this one before... i was expecting to come here and listen to the classic Frank Sinatra track lol...

i've been to New York
a vibrant city for sure...which reflects in this track, you're vocals are up to standard here too...
Sounding mighty fine here...
Well done Jewels.

SuzieGLEVEL 61

Comment by SuzieGPATRON

How bout an island song for me?!! or rather a Long Island Iced Tea ~ that would be better. Anyway, love NY and hate leaving the city that never sleeps. This is a great tune and I have never heard this. Austin is by my side dancing to your tune! Thanks for listening to my AR tune ~ I caught some slack for that here - this house is so critical and because I just can't belt things out. Anyway, this sounds like a really fun tune and you did a fabulous job. :)Sue

MsTakeLEVEL 84

Comment by MsTake

One should always catch slack at home. Thanks for the smile.

WilKaraoke4FoodLEVEL 10

Comment by WilKaraoke4Food

Cool song and a great sing by you! I've always enjoyed this song, very up-tempo and hard not to get tongue tied when singing it, but you nailed it. I hope you and yours had a delicious Thanksgiving!