Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend by Mimiloves5

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Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend


Gentlemen Prefers Blondes




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More heartbreak for me... another family member seriously ill... this is too much one Christmas there was this gigantic box with a beautiful red ribbon and bow under the tree from Santa to me....I couldn't imagine what this beautiful present was.

To my surprise, inside it was a gorgeous authentic silver fox white full length fur coat!

Well... I guess Santa didn't really know me as well as I thought...I do not like material things like that...well.. I should say furry things like that! I love dogs and cats and tigers and bears...they have fur.... but to wear a FUR COAT???? UH UH… THAT AIN'T ME. I am not a showy type girl and would have preferred a carcoat made of wool. Santa sure meant well and he left a note in the present and asked me to wear it to church on Christmas morning and I did but felt so damn awkward in the coat and felt all eyes on me at church.... I couldn't wait to come home and take it off.

So.... Santa... as far as fur coats...not for shouldn't have.

Now... diamonds are okay, as long as they are out of a Cracker Jack's Box!

Love You Anyway Dear Santa!!!

(ps... no longer have that fur coat)… gave it away!


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