That's The Way Love Goes by Uncle-Pauley

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That's The Way Love Goes


Merle Haggard & Jewel


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The Complete Me Challenge!

I met Novella originally doing the challenges, she was so super helpful and accommodating.
I went on to join the SingSnap Singing Chatroom, and soon became an Admin.
That's where I fell in love with her brain!
Her knowledge is incredible, and her commanding presence is intimidating.
Yet, she is so brilliant in the way that she shares it, that you feel right at home.
Her compassion knows no bounds.
Novella is always there to listen, to hold, to laugh, or even to scold.
She always has my best interests in mind, and has helped me, on a personal level,
in ways that have touched my heart, my soul, and my life.
She is so super down to earth, and humble, despite, truly being an Angel.
I have seen this lady praised to the high heaven's, and never become aloof.
I have seen her kicked while she was down, and dirt thrown on top, but, not bare malice.
Moments have made her weep with heartbreak, and,
moments have made her burst with tears of joy.
Through them all, she has always stayed true to herself, and to her friends.

Thank you BFF, not for being 'there' for me, but, for being the you, there, that I see.

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