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Love Letters


Elton John & Bonnie Raitt




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I love this song....and this arrangement....bluesy...

Hope you like it...


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Cleopatra_CarfieldLEVEL 58

Comment by Cleopatra_CarfieldPATRON

Cleopatra_CarfieldLEVEL 58

Comment by Cleopatra_CarfieldPATRON

Jeg er nesten HELT SIKKER på at jeg hopper opp på scenen med deg snart - dette er fantastisk!!!!!


Comment by Moon_GoddessGOLD


So very nice to have you back!!! Hope you enjoyed your New Year celebrations with your Mam! That was so sweet

I wish you everything good for 2012 and like you I am looking forward to a lovely, peaceful, healthy, happy, year.

I always think that the New Year is the ideal time to foster new hopes and dreams and formulate new habits.... rather than just give up old ones that we dislike (as is the norm). It offers us the opportunity to approach everything with a brain drenched in positivity. It's one of the few times when we can view everything as probable, rather than just possible.

It gives us a reason to introspect, and where necessary, re-direct our energies. It allows us to spot light the simple, but good, things in life.

And one of the good things in my life is being able to pop in here and listen to you sing. It both pleases and warms me. You truly have the most touching and beautifully toned voice. So it was a pleasure to pop in here and listen to you this evening.

I'm not around Sing Snap a lot at the moment so my visits and my comments will be erratic for a while...but I will always gravitate back to what pleases me

Again, I wish you all the best that life can offer for the coming year. You are "good people" and Karma dictates that good people inevitably reap good rewards.

Have a wonderful evening.



Comment by PepplesGOLD

Just got to say Hi to Moon, I loved reading your wonderful comment, happy New Year, and I am sure it will bless you in every way. Don`go away for too long at a time, you will be missed...

And I agree, Ivar you sure have that touched by angels resonance to your vocals I too love it from the first time I ever heard you sing and it is an on and ever going love affair for me, I will never tire of that gorgeous sound of your romantic melodic voice, its a godsend really it is...


Comment by PepplesGOLD

I am tired and need to hit the sack, but before I do, I wanted to hear your soothing and peaceful singing, was here a little while ago, but I got well distracted hehe.

What a great arrangement, its so cool because of the instruments, yet so warm because of the lingering feel and of course your burning passion, a perfect song for you Beautiful Ivar, loved it...

Putting a smile on my face, and such a glow in my heart, a great way to end this day, thank you for singing a couple of classics for us this evening, thank you so much.

Hope you are sound asleep and busy dreaming sweet and magical dreams, have a peaceful easy night Ivar.


Comment by PepplesGOLD

Loved this, it was lovely so very lovely.

You have developed a lot over the last couple of years singing on here Ivar, really you have, I can hear it clearly, it impressive all that you have accomplished, you have taken that style you always had and polished it till it shines and is so soft and smooth and so so beautiful, you have gotten a lot more confident too, not that you were ever shy by no means hehe..

You truly are a great talent Ivar, a gifted artist and you should be recording for real, you should be out there pleasing a lot more people and giving them the same joy and pure love of music as you give us. Singers of your caliber and with all your abilities are very rare, very rare indeed.

Of to bed, sending you a lot of goodnight

Hugs hugs hugs