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Remember:KellyAnne!Beautiful gift from a beautiful sisko.<3God Bless u all!<3/RememberJoe

C'mon! Gimme few nickels of yours, please?
For the machine u know… (Not really, I would put them to real-charity.)
Did you know there's fake beggers and fake charity?
There are so one cannot be enough careful in these silly days.
I didn't know until 2017 that there's such things as in Finland, so many are very corely honest. The very BEST QUALITY OF FINNISH PEOPLES is honesty and they have socially very good manners, like in Driving and they don't do easily " Wrong" In public places.
They have integrity and honesty.
That's something, I have come to know by seeing how else where worlds are.
I remember this one well...When I was in Arab country...
I was told that DONOT GIVE THE BEGGER money.
I was like WHY? THEY NEED IT?
I was whispered it is a fake one, who probably is richer than me!!!
How dare they?
They are elsewhere too USA. UK.
It is outstandingly WRONG...
WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! Then again, not everyone knows what are morals and being a decent human being.
I already know what they get from doing that.
Very Bad Karma and it will be a coin ,to be payed in un- happy way!
C'mon peoples, let's but some coins into good charity, always remember this.
THE POORER YOU ARE - and if you put from your little , even little to ease others suffering.
GOD LOVES THAT STUFF more than rich person putting more than you, your portion was bigger as your so much poorer.
Do I make sense?
" Easier to put money to charity, as you have more than you need to come by but when you don't have enough to come by and you still do it... It is a way more bigger, kinder thing."
It also doesn't mean, that I donot wish rich peoples to give money to poor I do but there's a point there.
That's that enough rambling.
Why do I overthink today and put it all here…
Well, sorry….


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