Claudette (No Harmony) by GoldenMan

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GoldenMan 65 (harmony)


Claudette (No Harmony)


The Everly Brothers




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GoldenManLEVEL 65

Recording information by GoldenManGOLD

Could the Beta be any worse??? I doubt it.

This song was written by Roy Orbison for his wife Claudette. The Everly Brothers recorded it and put it on the B side of their release "All I Have To Do Is Dream" in 1958

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Skeeter-GLEVEL 63

Comment by Skeeter-GGOLD

WOW, this is absolutely first class with your harmonizing. I'm sure enjoying my listening and this fine performance you are sharing with all of us. Great job and I'm sure wishing you the very best.

Country-In-MeLEVEL 57

Comment by Country-In-Me

loving this , AMAZING

Moboy-and-Miswaa1LEVEL 54

Comment by Moboy-and-Miswaa1GOLD

Awesome loving your Harmonies

sweetsuejustyouLEVEL 85

Comment by sweetsuejustyouGOLD

Believe or not, I almost chose to do this same song, being a big fan of the brother duo and having done 21 of their tunes so far in self-harmony - you aced this one big time with golden harmony!


Comment by SSueGOLD

This is a real 'feel-good' song and you did a perfect job with your harmonies!

This has a very authentic feel to it.


Peter_1965LEVEL 81

Comment by Peter_1965GOLD

Terrif sing on this rock and roll Classic! Enjoyed listening to you!

The_GeezerLEVEL 62

Comment by The_GeezerGOLD

Very Enjoyable Performance !! Harmony is spot-on !! Best of Luck !!

Bill_WolfsongLEVEL 83

Comment by Bill_Wolfsong

Wonderful job here my friend...... I can't even remember if I have heard this before but your rendition is awesome


Comment by dotinlovelandGOLD

hi there.....oh my goodness sure LOVING this song and your harmonys fantastic and you sure did a **GREAT**sing on this old! sure enjoyed this and "goodluck' and have a wonderful day...hugs and **#6 hearts for you

sisterraindropLEVEL 94

Comment by sisterraindropGOLD

BonnieK4506LEVEL 96

Comment by BonnieK4506GOLD +4

Hay, Hay, Hay! 400 bales in the barn! That's it for this year!

EXCELLENT singing, lead AND harmony parts!! Sounds fantastic! You're so good!

LOVED this!!


BonnieK4506LEVEL 96

Comment by BonnieK4506GOLD +4

Hay, Hay, Hay! 400 bales in the barn! That's it for this year!

I love the Everlys harmony! They were just so good together. You did a great job with both parts here!!

EnioPedrozoLEVEL 105

Comment by EnioPedrozoGOLD +1

And I Love You So - Click here and enjoy it... Thank you!

Hi, my dear friend Steve

lovely harmonies!!!

sounding wonderfully

hugs, best of luck


Billies_GirlLEVEL 85

Comment by Billies_GirlPATRON

Great song choice ... loved your harmony and performance!
Best of luck to you ~Merrie

foxmyisterLEVEL 48

Comment by foxmyisterGOLD

What a preformance, Standing ovation. Top-notch. All the best, cheers Michael

Holly-AnnLEVEL 68

Comment by Holly-AnnGOLD

Stunning harmony!


Comment by A_G_AGOLD

Good harmonies buddy, well done

idahokidLEVEL 57

Comment by idahokidGOLD

loved it.. like the beat of this a lot great harmonies

StarB37LEVEL 63

Comment by StarB37PATRON

Great recording, and new song for me!

bladesmangolfLEVEL 67

Comment by bladesmangolfGOLD

Wonderful sing and harmony
Sounding fantastic
Loved it