You've Got A Friend by Dippin_Dots

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You've Got A Friend


James Taylor




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A walk back in time, of many wonderful memories and joy with those so dear to me!

Today is a very special day! It is my bestie's birthday, so dearest Donnie, surprise, "Happy Birthday" to you, for you are so deserving of it and all that is beautiful and good in life!
You've always got my back, and through highs and lows, be as it were, you always inspire me to keep striving harder, to be better! Thank you for believing in me always!

I could only have ex amount of time to prepare and sing this and the pics are not in any planned order at all, as for many of my friends, some of whom of course, having no pics to nab at all, either way, you are all nonetheless also included irregardless whether you aren't within my video. hehe!

I ALSO want to take this day and time to acknowledge also , ALL my dearest friends as well, for you all know WHO you are and what you have been to me all along, for each of you have given me inspiration, much love and care and support over time, be it for some, for a VERY long time and for some maybe a little shorter, but either way, each in their own way, has blessed me in so many ways, I am so grateful to God for you all. And so want to take the opportunity to wish ALL as well a belated or upcoming birthday in advance as well. You all are important to me and I love all of you dearly.

So to sum it all up, on a whim, for ALL of you, and anyone else whom I may not know real well or at all, happy birthday and this is from me to you!

You've Got A Friend.

In some way or manner, it has come to pass,
How in such sweet ways, one another, we have found friendship and much joy!
But a friend is one who withstands the test of time,
Unfailing without a doubt each and every chance,
Whenever needed, be it day or night.

For how were we to know, our paths, we crossed,
Would somehow, some way, intertwine,
Leading us to one another, only to find,
That it was clearly set in the stars, ever so bright,
Each, providing warmth and comfort , a guiding light,
A beacon of hope when all may at times seem bleak and lost.

Life's course is different day by day,
Some days, may deem darker and gloomier,
Whereas some seem ever brighter and sunny.
Whatever day befalls us, we strive onward ever so strong,
And a shoulder or two perhaps to lean on,
Provided from a friend so dear,
With kindness and a heart so tender,
A tear or two, willing to gather, lending not one but both ears.

What then if not that proof indeed made so abundantly clear,
That within each of us, we have such great depth of souls and power,
To be just that, when it's needed,
The true meaning of what's one of life's best,
A message straight from one's heart to another.
"You've got a friend".

So, within this heart of mine today,
May I proudly confess,
To each and every one of you,
I know birthdays, they roll round but only once each year.
And though we may not know all friends birthdays be it near or afar,
It's still my heart's desire to express,
That whether it has passed or has yet to be,
From the depths of my heart, unto thee,
I wish nothing but only the best for you and that of which you dream.
God has been good, and blessed us all,
And he has given me today to convey that which was most important of all.
And that my dear friends, is that I love you, each one and ALL!

You may not all, fully know me or totally get me every time,
But that is quite alright , for I too am not perfect,
But one things for certain,
For each brand new day I or we are given,
We must continually strive for that which is good,
For we are never promised tomorrow's.
And or any given moment,
So to say what needs to be said, it had to be today,
Right here, right now!
I may not always be around,
But my heart and mind is never far from thoughts,
Of those so precious to me,
You're only a mere thought away,
And believe me, it's always with a smile, upon my face,
Whenever, the thought of you , wondering and praying you're all okay.

So, know that you've got a friend in me.
I may be out of sight, but only just that,
For from your side, I'll never go astray!
We all are so lucky, for those whom we know,
Never taking for granted one another,
For better or worse, togetherness coupled with love.
Non judgemental and forgiving,
The living key to true lasting friendships.

Each unique and being who we are,
Must learn to accept and love without laying fault nor blame,
Accepting each other's flaws and imperfections,
All just the same, that's just who we are.
One big family, under one huge universe,
But "Friends", such a beautiful thing!
Ponder upon that word without regret.
With so much love to give, one and all.
God surely has a hand in this all,
Winter, spring, summer, or fall,
All we have to do is call,
And we'll be there!
We've got friends!
© Maylyn (10/17/19)

Thank you for being a beautiful part of my life!
I truly SEE you, for YOU, and all the wonderful colors that you are to me!
I love you ALL!

Have a lot going on currently within my life, to deal with, but shall try to make it by for a listen as soon as am able! Miss you all!
Wishing all a safe and wonderfully blessed night and remaining week.
And many thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind listens, comments and helping celebrate his and all our birthdays as well!

God bless us all daily,
Loving hugs across the miles.


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