Rainbow And Roses by Gary_A

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Rainbow And Roses


Ollie Austin


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I took this photo at Neck Point Park in Nanaimo, BC..

** Open Duet / Backing Track / Instrumental **

This song was performed by Ollie Austin. an English Country Music Entertainer. He has become one of England’s top Country Music entertainers, to many he was known as the Gentleman of British Country Music, England’s voice of country.

Ollie's musical career began whilst still at school. He has played a number of different styles of music since he started playing at an early age, giving him a wide range of songs to sing for his audiences when he was performing. The different styles include powerful country ballads, swing, sing along and even rock and roll numbers many of which were learned during his days of playing bass guitar when touring with rock and pop bands in the sixties.

The deep golden voice of Ollie, has not only won him an army of fans from all over the UK but as far afield as Europe and Australia, his relaxed style, material choice, the way that he is able to interpret each song that he sings, coupled with his love and knowledge of real country music made him a firm favourite at country venues all over the UK. He received many offers to travel abroad throughout his long career, over the years he has won many awards from country music clubs and he is an accomplished musician playing both keyboard and guitar and other instruments.

Ollie retired from performing live in June 2012 due to ill health, a problem he has had for many years. This is a photo of Ollie Austin..

I added 3 guitar tracks to this Backing track / Open Duet / Instrumental

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