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Sunday Kind Of Love


Reba McEntire




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Recording information by peggyjoyGOLD 1

for the feature.

...still waiting for the "new" songs...

Never heard a country version of this, and didn't want to go hear Reba's, so I just sort of had my way with it. There are some chords in there that don't agree with the way I know the tune. The band's off... it's not me. ;^)

It is what it is.

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LordoftheStringsLEVEL 50

Comment by LordoftheStringsGOLD

The "new" songs they've been bringing in lately are totally foreign to me!

Love your rendition, Peggy! This is a nice easy-listening tune for soak in while I sip my coffee and try to wake up.

Geez, its almost lunch time!!! This retirement is spoiling me!

LOVED THIS VERY MUCH, my friend! Thank you for the fine entertainment today! HUGZZZZ


Comment by dancewantabeGOLD 1

I like your version Peggy, sorta jazzy and lazy sounding..didn't know Reva sang it.. well your way, can be just as good as her's.. At least that is my opinion!! Many agree with me..
Loved it.. and let the band follow you for a change..loll
Very pretty !
Hugs., Lana


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD 1

Thanks, Terry and Lana!

I'm cooking today, too, Lana--but it's FUN cooking.

Hope you make Newt's moon-mining team, Terry! ;^)

MarneyLEVEL 49

Comment by MarneyGOLD

This was totally dreamy Peggs. I loved it. Just wonderful singing my friend. If anyone was off it sure wasn't you!

luckyoldgirlLEVEL 22

Comment by luckyoldgirl

Well Hello Reba! Oh I mean Peggy...beautiful rendition! Seems this is a remake of an oldie...Well done! I'm loving this dreamy tune...Hugs, Marilyn

RolBelLEVEL 40

Comment by RolBelGOLD

Beautiful sing on this my friend. Great sing as always. Hugs Happy New Year to You and Yours. Roland


Comment by peggyjoyGOLD 1

Thanks, Mar, Marilyn, and Roland!


Comment by Juliette_2u

ohhhhhh this is just a yummy sing ..... love how you did this!