The Fireman by GrannyNan

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GrannyNan & tony_v 47


The Fireman


George Strait


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Oh my! Tony is totally out of control!

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mikeworthLEVEL 69

Comment by mikeworthGOLD

oh my who's out of control?? enjoyed

johnnie75LEVEL 63

Comment by johnnie75GOLD 3

can see you both are enjoying this sounds fab to me. Great job my friends.

johnnie75LEVEL 63

Comment by johnnie75GOLD 3

I come to my favorites and there you were again dang have I caught something.?Yep I caught Nannette. Would you consider singing at me. huh?huh?Just in case you say yes here is the link.

tony_vLEVEL 47

Comment by tony_vGOLD

i just slipped or slithered in and im way back in the corner watching this on big screen

tony_vLEVEL 47

Comment by tony_vGOLD

darn it sis i just sat down on some gum ooooooooeeewwwewwwww nooooooooooo

tony_vLEVEL 47

Comment by tony_vGOLD

aww look at this five day old popcorn tooo mmm mmm mmm who cleans this place >>???? i hope you hadnt paid em yet .....

tony_vLEVEL 47

Comment by tony_vGOLD

Sis i was just out in the hot sun talking to the postman for the last hour in 97 degrees heat so coming in to see this and hear this is sweet ,,,,like the words of the famous now estranged Pam ,,, we bounce off of one another really good ... hahaahhaahah aa i loved it SIs you had me laffing my i wont say it off lol lol



tony_vLEVEL 47

Comment by tony_vGOLD

oh if you tell mom ,,,, i want you too know i got a secret im been holding for a long time so dont even think about it lmao

motherof8kidsLEVEL 39

Comment by motherof8kids

Hey what's this estranged stuff Tony? I'm telling mom!!!! I'm not estranged just because I go to church camp for a week can't stand to see me gone can you? You are not a fireman!!! You shouldn't have stolen that fire suit Tony - those fireman don't know what hit them when you show up in the fire suit!!!! LOL
This is funny!!! I won't read your mind again either Tony! I can tell what is in it and it can't be repeated!!! LOL

I'm telling mom you swore!!! lol
Love this!!! I might just snipe you one of these days so watch out!!!
************************ for both of ya and hugs to go around! Pam

amie_46LEVEL 64

Comment by amie_46GOLD

ha ha you both are fantastic together .. Lovi ng this .. I so enjoyed sitting here watching.. you both put a big smile on my face ..
hugs and smiles amie


Comment by crazytamPATRON

Hehe!!I am lovin this..I came over to listen to your duet with Johnnie and I couldnt resist clicking the Play button on a KinG George song..and the Hair Drew me in!!LMBO!!!!I needed this!!!!I am gonna have to click play again


Comment by crazytamPATRON

This was so HilariouS..Him messing up on the song just put the Icing on the cake...Great Entertainment...Ive heard my share of Fire Sirens going off here in town since we been having all these Bad storms...You both are Amazing..Ty..Sending HUgz..Tonz of SE VA STarzCT;))

NieuwkoopLEVEL 19

Comment by Nieuwkoop

where is the fire? sounding great, fun fun fun.