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I get discharged from rehab on the 14th next Tues. I have a long road ahead of me Thanks 4 prayers

((Not really a Blue's song but wanted to post this is our thread also))

Turn Back The Clock!

The future ahead seems uncertain at the best of times! Rather than worry about the unknown, we want to take a walk down memory lane and remember days gone by!

Turn Back The Clock Challenge!

Turn Back The Clock Challenge - Part Two:

Your song choice is super important this week. We want you to turn the clock back and take us on a journey through time. The song you sing should be one that reminds you of your youth! Whether that be your twenties, teenage years, or adolescent - the choice is yours! Select a song that makes you turn back the clock. In your song comment section, write us a story telling us why you chose that song and what it reminds you of!


(I picked this song cuz it's VERY special to my Heart and I know it will touch others as well))

Thank You All for Your comments and Listens...I know this song and Topic of Adoption will hit home with ALOT of My Friends here on SS...I've talked with a lot of My Friends here who have been adopted and did what I the time I DIDN"T have the means to take care of My Daughter and Son.. They are Both very LOVED and Taken care of to this day*S* and I THANK THE LORD for that...

This song is very special to Me, both My Daughter and Son are with their Adoptive Family's. I had to do what was best for Both of Them....I had My Daughter when I was 17 back in "78" I was Jr. in H.S. I had one more Year in School, and I couldn't provide for Her. . I didn't know how, plus I wouldn't of been allowed to keep I had to do what was RIGHT... it was a Closed adoption, they didn't have "OPEN Adoptions back then.. I have NEVER seen My Daughter Face to Face....I had my son in June "99" I was raped in my town in Colorado, this was a open adoption and I was able to pick the adoptive parents.. Both of My Kids are doing well, although one day the Lord will Bring us Together for the first time. The Last time I spoke to My Daughter was when She was 22..She lives in Phoenix Arizona.....we've lost contact with Each Other Since, cuz when I moved I Lost Her address and everything. I'm praying that She will get to see Her Little Brother for the First Time as well*S* I can't wait for that day that the Lord will bring Us ALL together.... Sometime this Spring My Son and His adoptive Parents are going to make a trip here to South Dakota so we can ALL see Each Other,
and I can't wait... I'm very Thankful Both My Kids Look More like Me...

((I know there are ALOT of people here in SS Land who live in Phoenix, Az if You have ever seen My Daughter somewhere I would Love to know*S* She was 2 weeks early and came out really QUICK*lol* I Pray the Lord is watching over Her wherever She may be, and Most of all I Pray I won't be a Dissapointment to Her and what Her Image of Me should Be if She should EVER see this Video))

here's a pic of My Daughter*S* and what's weird is that My Daughter has My Mom's eyes*lol* not sure how that turned out..

Her Name is Bridgette Ann Bell*hopefully I spelled it right*lol* and She was born Aug. 21,1978 "Both My Son and Daughter look so much like me)))

My Son is TALL*lol*will probably grow as tall as 6'6 or 6'7... he was 21 inches long when he was born He lives in Colorado... I went thru 17 hours of labor with him*lol* and he was 10 days late... . One day the Lord will bring US together, it will be the First Time that My Daughter will see Her Brother for the first time, as well as ME seeing My Daughter for the Very First Time.. I PRAY all the time for that day*S*))

((My Recent Pic of My Son Daniel when he Turned 18 and now it's his 19th Birthday.. Sheesh I'm OLD*LOL*))


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