Three Wooden Crosses by kentuckytrue

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Three Wooden Crosses


Randy Travis




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Round # 3

Gender Bender

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notevolvedLEVEL 57

Comment by notevolvedPATRON

We are our strongest when we are at our weakest for it is then our mind is open to change

Hi Marlene.
This is a great song choice. Such a beautiful sing. You have aced this with your tone and emotion. Absolutely beautiful! ************************

notevolvedLEVEL 57

Comment by notevolvedPATRON

We are our strongest when we are at our weakest for it is then our mind is open to change

Just realized it's a contest... BEST OF LUCK!! *******************

angels-among-usLEVEL 78

Comment by angels-among-usGOLD

Listening and loving my listen all the way
a great sing here hon.....GOOD LUCK
thank you so much for sharing with us
really enjoying my listen and hope to hear more
all my*****************stars
Hugs and God Bless You..........Jackie

sylviapl65LEVEL 82

Comment by sylviapl65GOLD

enjoyed my listen to your wonderful sing!***************************Sylvia!


Comment by MrJakeGOLD

Like this one.. awesome singing on it..**************

TerryC4767LEVEL 64

Comment by TerryC4767GOLD

Beautiful Marlene. I always loved this song so very much. Randy and You are Awesome. WOW. . It is so sad but has so much meaning in the words and music. . I sure loved hearing you sing it. super sing Marlene. wow shazam mam


Comment by HONEY65GOLD +41

Hello Marlene,
What a wonderful song you chose for this round. A beautiful sing from you!! Love Randy!!!
The lyrics are so awesome!! You did an OUTSTANDING cover!! Loved my listen this evening.
it button hit & Kentucky************************************stars...Della

concienceLEVEL 57

Comment by conciencePATRON +2

this is terrific mf a super performance I loved this hugs *******************************

Lavender79LEVEL 101

Comment by Lavender79GOLD +7

Keep Safe with your Thanksgiving plans,,, so there can be many more!

Hi my friend,
A tremendous performance this Randy Travis
Sing.... Joy listening!
Good Luck my friend Marlene.

jerrybee49LEVEL 69

Comment by jerrybee49GOLD

Beautifully sung my friend

Blackeagle_n_KatieLEVEL 52

Comment by Blackeagle_n_KatiePATRON

Such a meaningful song! You did an awesome sing here. Loved my listen. Good luck!

chimodelkLEVEL 49

Comment by chimodelkGOLD

Love this song

luvs3singLEVEL 67

Comment by luvs3singGOLD

Loving my visit. This is a wonderful song. Very pretty voice !! SO much talent on here !!

TrochilidaeLEVEL 108

Comment by TrochilidaeSNAP-STAR +29

Hello, listening...

TrochilidaeLEVEL 108

Comment by TrochilidaeSNAP-STAR +29

Very beautiful song pick! You have delivered this fabulously with your pretty voice... Love this greatly....

CarolinaKatieLEVEL 52

Comment by CarolinaKatieGOLD

This is such a neat song from RT... Great choice for the contest Marlene. Well sung. Good luck.

starsearchLEVEL 107

Comment by starsearchGOLD

A beautiful sing! I enjoyed hearing this one and a wonderful delivery here!
A pleasure to listen!



SaraB9838LEVEL 97

Comment by SaraB9838GOLD

Very pretty my friend, I loved my listen and visit with you this evening!! Thanks for sharing your talent! Hugs & Smiles, Sara

JamaicaJimLEVEL 76

Comment by JamaicaJimGOLD

One of my favorite RT songs. Beautiful sing as always Marlene - loved it my friend! Thanks for your visits & kind comments. God bless & huggs, Jim.

TeddypossumLEVEL 53

Comment by TeddypossumGOLD

Hi Marlene, this is another favorite of mine to listen to. Glad you chose it this round! Loved my listen, pretty sing my friend! Bravo!!